'American Song Contest': Puerto Rico's Christian Pagan kicks off semifinals 2 with 'incredible bop'

'American Song Contest': Puerto Rico's Christian Pagan kicks off semifinals 2 with 'incredible bop'
Puerto Rico's Christian Pagán on 'American Song Contest' (NBC)

If 'American Song Contest' has you at the edge of your seat, it's all thanks to the fact that the show is now one step away from the finals! So far, the states that has made it to the finals are Alabama - Ni/Co, Colorado - Riker Lynch, Kentucky - Jordan Smith, Oklahoma - AleXa and Washington Allen Stone.

Performing in Semifinals 2 are American Samoa - Tenelle, California - Sweet Taboo, Connecticut - Michael Bolton, Georgia - Stela Cole, Kansas - Broderick Jones, North Carolina - John Morgan, North Dakota - Chloe Fredericks, Puerto Rico - Christian Pagán, Tennessee - Tyler Braden, Texas - Grant Knoche and New York - ENISA.

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Kicking off Semifinals 2 was Puerto Rico's Christian Pagán. He noted that singing in English made him nervous but also stated that amazing things happen when you get out of your comfort zone. He spoke about how his song is about love, seeing that being in love makes you do crazy things. Pagán spoke about his wife, who he has been with for 14 years and has been crazy in love with her since. He even explained that the music industry has its highs and lows, but his wife has always been by his side. Pagán was all set to bring Puerto Rico's flag to the finals and this was another step to making his dream come true. 

Despite stating that he was nervous, fans loved his performance. "Puerto Rico is my favorite entry in the entire contest I think. LOKO is such an incredible bop. #AmericanSongContest" stated a fan. "Loko is still the best ASC song it's true it's true and Christian Pagán always delivers one hell of a fun show! #AmericanSongContest" said a fan. "And now we give Puerto Rico 10 votes thanx  #AmericanSongContest" added a fan. "Christian Pagán said he was nervous performing his song due to the Spanglish, but he is such a great performer and has such a catchy song that I don’t see a nervous bone in his performer. #AmericanSongContest" tweeted a fan. "As the only song with a key change, I think by Eurovision rules Puerto Rico has to make it to the finale? #AmericanSongContest #PR" added another. 











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