'American Idol': Casey Bishop dubbed 'dark horse' as she rocks the stage with Brandon Boyd on an Incubus hit

Fans and judges were swooning over Casey Bishop's performances as she nailed both the songs, and Boyd did a brilliant job as a mentor

                            'American Idol': Casey Bishop dubbed 'dark horse' as she rocks the stage with Brandon Boyd on an Incubus hit
Casey Bishop and Incubus singer Brandon Boyd in 'American Idol' (ABC)

Brandon Boyd was one of the mentors and celebrity performers who appeared on Monday night's 'American Idol' as the show continued its all-star solos and duets episode with the remaining 12 contestants from the Top 24 lineup. One of the performers was teen rocker from Florida, Casey Bishop. She was paired up with Boyd and it's no surprise why they were placed at the very end of the show. Casey truly embodied the saying 'save the best for the last' with her performances as she served up not one but two impactful showstopping acts. 

She kicked things off with a cover of Paramore's hit 'Decode' and it was a dream come true for the thousands of fans of the rock band who were watching the show. There are too many times when fandoms are annoyed when a reality show contestant doesn't do justice to songs by their favorite artists. But this was not the case with Casey as she didn't disappoint with her rendition of the song. Watch the video by clicking the video below. 


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Later on, she took to the stage with Boyd to croon his band Incubus' classic 'I Wish You Were Here', opening a vault of memories for fans. Boyd was just the perfect mentor on the episode and fans credited him for letting his mentees shine. This was contrary to the flak the incredible singer Tori Kelly was subjected to. Kelly was also a mentor on the episode and was slammed for outsinging the contestant she was paired up with. 

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were seen bobbing their heads like they were at a rock concert that Boyd and Casey were headlining. "What is America going to do? Because as far as talent is concerned we are in abundance and you are one of the special ones in the group," Lionel said. "You are standing on the stage owning it, you understand me? Congratulations!"

Katy declared that she knows Casey will make it to the Top 16 with the performance she delivered, but at the same time had some critique. "Make that stage your b***h because you are singing like that. So I want you to embody that," she said. Everyone was pumped up in the auditorium and so were fans watching from home. 

Casey Bishop singing 'Decode' by Paramore in 'American Idol' (ABC)

"She is the dark horse of this competition, Wow her voice is so cool, She honestly sounds like Hayley Williams and Evanescence, She is that incredible, I can't wait to hear so much more," wrote a fan under the video posted by the official American Idol YouTube channel. "She's so raw & talented, can't believe she is only 16!! She looks like a rockin Linda Ronstadt, I would be disappointed if she didn't win the Idol," read another comment. "Casey Bishop is the Daughtry of this season. #AmericanIdol," wrote a fan on Twitter. "Okay Casey is also way too good for this show she is the next Hayley Williams #AmericanIdol," tweeted another. 



'American Idol' airs on Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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