'American Idol' Hollywood Week: Kelsie Dolin overcomes her nerves, gets a standing ovation

'American Idol' Hollywood Week: Kelsie Dolin overcomes her nerves, gets a standing ovation
Kelsie Dolin on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)

Getting through the auditions of 'American Idol' is only the first obstacle in the popular singing competition show and 18-year-old Kelsie Dolin is learning this the hard way. After impressing the judges with her pure, raw talent during the auditions, Kelsie managed to make it to Hollywood Week. Instead of feeling a bit more confident in herself having made it through the auditions, the Boone County resident began feeling extremely anxious and nervous.

After watching her competitors looking all geared up to perform before judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, Kelsie began feeling very overwhelmed. She compared herself to mashed potatoes that nobody pays attention to at a feast. Despite her mentor Lauren Alaina's words of encouragement, Kelsie walked onto the stage looking visibly shaken and trembling. The judges too tried to get her to relax and just perform.


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'American Idol' star Kelsie Dolin (ABC)


Kelsie began singing while still feeling very nervous. Thankfully, despite her nerves, Kelsie managed to give an amazing performance that ended with the judges giving her a standing ovation. So when it was time for the judges to decide which of the performers from the country lineup would be proceeding to the Hollywood Duets round, they picked Kelsie as one of the singers moving to the next round. A very emotional Kelsie began sobbing as she reminisced about her grandparents.

Fans were glad to see the incredibly talented Kelsie proceed to the next round. A fan tweeted, "Kelsie Dolan is visible shaken. Such a pleasing tone tho. She really starts getting lost in the song and emotion. Beautifully simple and authentic. #AmericanIdol #Hollywoodweek." Another fan wrote, "Once she gets over that hump, she’ll be a rockstar. Great job Kelsie #AmericanIdol." "I just knew Kelsie had it in her #AmericanIdol," added a fan.





Kelsie Dolin wowed everybody on 'American Idol' (ABC)


Another fan shared, "Incredible performance by kelsie dolin #AmericanIdol." "I wish Kelsie could see how amazingly talented she is #AmericanIdol," expressed a fan. "I’m so proud of Kelsie #AmericanIdol," commented a fan.





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