‘American Idol’ 20: Aaron Westberry dubbed ‘walking melatonin’ after mellow audition

‘American Idol’ 20: Aaron Westberry dubbed ‘walking melatonin’ after mellow audition
Aaron Westberry on 'American Idol' season 20 (Photo by Instagram@wessbery)

Contestants on ‘American Idol’ usually get visibly excited and energetic when they move to the next round but that was not the case with singer Aaron Westberry. The 20-year-old crooner from Greenville earned the coveted golden ticket after he performed his rendition of Sam Hunt’s hit single ‘2016.’ But what got the Internet talking was his lack of enthusiasm.
Aaron Westberry, who works as a produce stocker, got praised for his heartbreak song as Katy Perry claimed that his performance melted them all. Katy stated that Aaron did not have a crazy range but also did not need that. Lionel Richie, on the other hand, asked if he was passionate about being a produce stocker to which Aaron said that he was not. Lionel then stated that “Passion was the key here” as he asked him to be more lively. Luke, on similar lines, joked that Aaron was like a “walking melatonin”.
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‘One of the most limited singers’

While speaking to Aaron, Luke said, “You may be one of the most limited singers that we’ve ever sent to Hollywood”, adding, “It’s very Owl City.” He continued, “But your delivery is just right up there with James Taylor,” as Lionel chimed in and said he’s “a storyteller.” The country music icon then added, “You’re like walking melatonin, but man if you’ve got that character and somehow you can give us a little more vocals, you will melt hearts.” 
The judges unanimously gave their nod but were left in splits after Aaron did not exhibit any excitement while collecting the golden ticket to Hollywood. The singer later took to Twitter and stated, “Thank you,@KatyPerry, @LionelRichie and @LukeBryan! Be prepared to see passion like you have never seen before in Hollywood!”





‘Aaron Westberry just needs passion fruit’

The loyal fans of ‘American Idol’ rushed to Twitter as one of the users stated, “Wow the tone tells a story he will go far wow.” Another posted, “Yes the added texture aspects in his voice, that characteristics helps to place him in a different zone. Also proves that voice doesn't really have to rise from gut or a deep voice.. For Deep voice has a natural tendency of attractive , involved.” The next one shared, “Aaron Westberry’s “2016” cover on piano was excellent. He’s got a pure singer-songwriter vibe and could be a huge star. He will go far.”
One user said, “What Luke meant by most limited is that Aaron lacks the range of many of Hollywoodians. However, there is a market for Aaron's type of voice. It's not a voice for a competition show, it's a voice where some record producer/label just has to like and sign.” And, another stated, “People have different ways in expressing their emotions. Some people don't need to scream or to shout just to show they're happy or excited. On the other hand, Aaron needs to work on his confidence.” The next one added, “Aaron Westbury just needs to eat some of that passion fruit from the produce department. LOL!” as another mentioned, “Loved your voice so much and your leak of energy is kinda a serve king lol.” One user concluded, “The world needs more of your vibe. Don't let anyone set the mood but you, it's fantastic. Good luck on Idol dude.”










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