Did Amber Heard REALLY storm out of court? Johnny Depp fans claim actress was upset with her team

Did Amber Heard REALLY storm out of court? Johnny Depp fans claim actress was upset with her team
Amber Heard walked out of court after stepping down from the stand (YouTube)

After a week-long break, the defamation of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard resumed on Monday, May 16. This week Heard took the stand. A clip of the Aquaman actress walking out of court after getting off the stand went viral. This also caused some much-expected backlash in her name online. Her walking out was a consequence of a question by Camille Vasquez from Depp's legal team.

In addition to this, the fact that Heard's lawyer Elaine Bredehoft had nothing to ask Amber when she was on the stand did not prove beneficial to her case. The video that has now gone viral with almost 500k views saw the judge asking Heard's lawyer to ask further questions. Bredehoft looked exasperated and admitted she had no further questions to ask. 


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The judge then instructed Heard to leave the stand and sit next to her lawyer. What happened next was caught on camera and went viral. Heard disobeyed the judge and immediately walked towards the exit of the courtroom. Those present in the courtroom were stunned to watch the actress exit the courtroom. Those who were virtually watching the Livestream said that this is Heard's third hard attack on the jury.


Some outspoken users also attacked Heard's team of attorneys as they believed that Heard did not have a legitimate case against Depp. As Amber Heard was called to the stand, Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez questioned her about the op-ed in The Washington Post to confirm the year when Depp sued Heard over this. Heard said, "He sued me in 2019." Vasquez then elaborated on the timeline of the op-ed being published and Depp's and Heard's divorce.

Vasquez continued, "And the op-ed came out in December 2018. So in October of 2018, you received your entire seven million dollars divorce settlement. You would agree with me? And you hadn’t been sued yet by Mr. Depp. So in this October 2018 interview, you said you had ‘donated’ your entire divorce settlement to charity. Right? And in fact, your exact words were, ‘seven million in total were donated to. I split it between the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles." Heard agreed but clarified that she only pledged to donate the amount. Amber said she 'wanted nothing' to do with the money and Vasquez added, "But you hadn’t donated your entitled seven million dollars settlement to charity at that point. Had you? Sitting here today, Ms. Heard, you still haven’t donated seven million dollars divorce settlement to charity."

On Twitter, users shared their opinions. One said, "Amber Heard deserves Elaine Bredehoft. Johnny Depp deserves Camille Vasquez. Just a small amount of karma beginning to catch up to her."


Another said, "She uses sitting with her attorneys and walking out before the jury synonymously."


Another noted, "But why did the sherrif go with her outside and why didn't they call her back?"


This user who collected tons of data said, "In the end, Elaine Bredehoft is just gonna be another person who never wants to look at Amber ever again. That's her life. That's her legacy. How incredibly sad to see someone be the harbinger of their own destruction in this way."


Anticipating what Amber said, this user tweeted, "“God, I f*cking I sometimes get so mad, i just lose it!” Looks like Amber Heard might have lost it on her own team after she stormed out of the court room in front of the judge and jury."


This user shared a gif and said, "Wooow!!!! AMBER HEARD WALKED OUT of the court before the jury and the judge!!! Like she was to sit by her lawyers but nooope she WALKED OUT Infront of the JURY AND JUDGE!!!"


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