How Amber Heard killed JACK SPARROW: Johnny Depp lost 'Pirates of the Caribbean' due to allegations

Johnny Depp's former agent Christian Carino told the court in a pre-recorded testimony how Heard's abuse allegations against the actor hurt him professionally

                            How Amber Heard killed JACK SPARROW: Johnny Depp lost 'Pirates of the Caribbean' due to allegations
Johnny Depp (L) and Amber Heard outside a court in Fairfax, Virginia (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp's former agent Christian Carino shared his testimony via a pre-recorded deposition during the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial. When the recording was played in court, Carino was of the opinion that Depp, 58, suffered a great loss professionally due to Heard's abuse allegations against him.

Carino informed that Heard's allegations not only negatively impact Depp's career but also cost him the sixth installment of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise. Carino's deposition was pre-recorded on March 11 and played during the defamation case trial at a court in Fairfax, Virginia on Wednesday, April 27.


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During the testimony, Carino was asked why he thinks Depp was not offered a role in the sixth movie of the franchise. First, Carino confirmed if Depp's lawyer was asking him for his own opinion. Then he replied that Depp was not offered the role in the upcoming 'Pirates' movie "because of the accusations that Amber had made."

An email exchange between Depp's publicist and a fellow CAA agent with a link to a news article showed that Depp would not be returning to the movie franchise. His publicist then asked whether the word had come from Disney and the other agent responded with a negative. After showing the email exchange, Depp's lawyers asked Carino to confirm that it was the agent’s opinion that Johnny had “lost” the movie because of Heard's abuse allegations.

Johnny Depp is seen outside the court in Fairfax, Virginia (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)


Before Carino's deposition with Depp's legal team was played, a pre-recording with Amber's legal team asking questions was played in the court. The video, recorded on January 19, showed that Carino thought the 'Aquaman' actress' allegations hurt Depp's career. He also explained that when he began representing Depp, his public reputation was "a shroud of mystery of who he was, because he was not visible to the public,” but it “changed with the exposure that came with the lawsuits.”

Based on an earlier deposition, Carino indicated that Depp lost the yet-unmade 'Pirates 6' movie due to Heard's allegations based on “conversations with studios and other executives, both internal and external,” naming the movie's executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer and other CAA (Creative Artists Agency) colleagues.

Amber Heard is seen outside a court in Fairfax, Virginia (Paul Morigi/Getty Images)


Carino does not remember the exact detail as to why the producer had issues with Depp but he also did not ask for specific reasons. He said that he felt it was "something within the industry that is understood." During the deposition, Carino was also asked if he’d ever seen Depp abuse Heard, or if either had told him about instances where the actor abused his ex-wife, to which he replied that he had not. He’d also detailed his friendships with both the actors, but added that he was no longer friends with either of them.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are embroiled in a bitter battle in court (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)
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