How did Alyssa Norman die? Instagram influencer Tommy Norman's only child dead at 26

'This evil world took my daughter & the pain is something I can’t describe,' Tommy Norman wrote in a post mourning his daughter

                            How did Alyssa Norman die? Instagram influencer Tommy Norman's only child dead at 26
Alyssa Norman was the only daughter of Instagram influencer Tommy Norman (Instagram/Tommy Norman)

Famous Instagram influencer Tommy Norman, known for his creative policing methods and heartwarming videos of the local community, recently announced the tragic death of his only daughter Alyssa Norman. The 26-year-old entrepreneur died in the early hours of Wednesday, November 18, 2021. Mourning her shocking demise, Tommy Norman said, "Today has been the most painful day of my life. My beautiful daughter Alyssa “daddy’s girl” is gone. She passed away this morning. I come to you tonight asking that you pray for me & my family. This is extremely devastating for all of us. We appreciate you. 💔🙏🏼"

Tommy Norman, who has over 1 million followers on Instagram is a police officer based out of North Little Rock, Arkansas. He joined the police force in 1998 and rose to prominence with his unique ways of community service and policing. In recent years, he has gained huge success on social media after he started sharing photos and videos of his work at different youth organizations and charities. Norman is also a noted humanitarian who was chosen by President Biden for the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. 


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How did Alyssa Norman die?

Born in 1995, Alyssa Victoria Rose Norman was the daughter of Tommy Norman with his first wife. It is believed that she was the only child of the celebrity police officer who fondly called her 'daddy's girl'. She reportedly had over 2 years of experience in the real estate business. Her Instagram profile describes her as an entrepreneur and she had over 14,200 followers on her account. According to her Facebook profile, Alyssa Norman was the mother of a young son Kingston. 

While Tommy Norman has posted a series of photos to grieve Alyssa's sudden death, the exact cause of her death has not been disclosed. Shortly before announcing her death, he had shared a post asking everyone to pray for him and his family, indicating a heartbreaking incident. In another photo, he vented about Alyssa's prolonged battle with addiction.

Sharing a photo of Alyssa in a resplendent white gown, Norman wrote, "The hurt I’m feeling I never thought could be so painful. Look how beautiful Alyssa was. She was so happy. She would tell me how excited she was about her future. She wanted to be a leader & inspire others. She would say “daddy I can do it.” Alyssa was the first love of my life. But now she’s gone. I remember one Valentines we took a limo to dinner. She would always say she wanted a man to treat her like her daddy. There are so many more memories I’ll share about my amazing daughter. Rest in love daddy’s girl. I miss you so much. 💔🙏🏼 "


He also shared the last audio message he received from Alyssa as well as a video of her baptism ceremony as a young girl. In another photo, Norman revealed Alyssa's past battle with addiction. "This is Alyssa giving her testimony a few months ago at @theharborhome . Alyssa fought addiction & wasn’t ashamed to share her story to save others. There is no doubt that Alyssa’s sudden death is a huge blow, but her death won’t be in vain. I’ll be using my platform to be the biggest advocate I can to fight drug addiction. That’s what Alyssa would want. She was doing so well. We’d been on so many daddy daughter dates the last few months & she was determined to fight all the way through. That’s what makes this tragedy so much worse. Alyssa was on top of the world. Every day she would say “daddy I got this.” Unfortunately, this evil world took my daughter & the pain is something I can’t describe. I would appreciate more prayers for me & my family. Next week will be difficult as we lay Alyssa to rest. I’m so thankful for all of you I really am. 💔🕊 


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