Josi Maria: Instagram star, 24, who publicly battled anorexia dies in the arms of a friend after heart failure

Josi Maria died on vacation after flying to Gran Canaria with her friend to enjoy the sun

                            Josi Maria: Instagram star, 24, who publicly battled anorexia dies in the arms of a friend after heart failure

A social media influencer who was suffering from anorexia has died at the age of 24 after her heart failed. Josi Maria from Kiel in northern Germany died on vacation. The Sun reported that the young woman had recently told her more than 120k followers on Instagram that she was going on a holiday to Gran Canaria.

DE24 stated that Maria experienced circulatory problems during the flight, and on reaching her destination she fell asleep in the arms of her friend during the night and never woke up. Her devastated mother said, “You were an angel on earth. For your fight against this serious disease, we loved you, admired you until the very end, and yet we had to watch helplessly as you lost this battle. You still had so many plans. You will always be in our midst, deep in our hearts, just unforgettable. I miss you so much, your mummy."


Reports praised the young woman for never hiding her disease from the world. A few months ago she shared a picture of her at the gym appearing skeletal. “No, I don't take this picture because I'm proud of my appearance. And no, I am also not posting it because I want to motivate others to look like me. In fact yes, the reason I am posting this picture is that I am on a journey and I want you to join me. I want to share my thoughts and show that I am actively fighting anorexia. I also want to say, that we should not hide ourselves away no matter what psychological illnesses we have. And I want to say to everybody who doubts themselves that you are all wonderful, and be yourself and don't try and change. Follow your dreams, fight hard, and you will see the rewards,” her message with the post stated.


Maria's last post on Instagram on November 28 saw her enjoying the sun at a beach. A lot of people have showered tributes on her on social media. One person commented in German, “You were so beautiful, dear Josi. Inside & outside! Such a radiant heart person !! I still have as good ahead as the two of us on ego, far from everyone else, ate spaghetti in Cologne... I think of you, angel.”

Another said, “That you have already gone this way is so difficult to understand! I wanted to be with you for so long! The coming time without your zest for life will be unbearable for us ..! I know that you still absorb these words in you and carry them with you! You leave a big void in our family but you will always be with us! You will also bring joy to everyone where you go! Your family will always be with you in thought! Your dad loves everything about you and is deeply sad! Bye, your papi.”


“I still can't really realize it. I read your WhatsApp messages and have the feeling that you would contact me again tomorrow. Like you're just on a trip and back soon so that I can hug you and tell you everything will be fine. You miss. Every day. Every hour. The only consolation is that you are probably in a better place now. That you finally found your peace. "Your soul keeps dancing on inside of me. Farewell, little angel, you are free," another added.

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