Who are Zane Timpson's parents? Late IG skateboarder's father is a champion surfer

The 26-year-old is survived by his parents Jeff Timpson, Kathy Timpson, and his girlfriend Maddy

                            Who are Zane Timpson's parents? Late IG skateboarder's father is a champion surfer
Zane Timpson was a skateboarding champion popular for his Instagram videos (Instagram/Jeff Timpson)

Skateboarder Zane Timpson, famous for his Instagram videos on "living life in the fast lane", has tragically died at the age of 26 years. He was a member of the Bones Wheels team which once included skateboarding icons like Tony Hawk. Timpson, a native of Leucadia, California, had been residing in San Francisco in the last seven years of his life. The news of his untimely death shocked fans after it was confirmed in an obituary on skateboarding magazine Thrasher on November 14.

The exact cause of his death has not been revealed yet. However, in one of his last Instagram posts, the skateboarding star shared about his "suffering". The 26-year-old is survived by his parents Jeff Timpson, Kathy Timpson, and his girlfriend Maddy. His family is believed to be in mourning at present and has not interacted with the media yet regarding his tragic death. Meanwhile, hundreds of fans poured in their heartfelt tributes for the late Instagrammer. "Thank you so much for all of your beautiful contributions to this crazy world. I love you so much, Zane. You will be dearly missed by all of us," his friend Adam Anorga wrote in the obituary.


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Who are Zane Timpson's parents? 

Zane Timpson was born on July 13, 1995, to Jeff and Kathy Timpson in Leucadia, California. He possibly inherited the passion for skateboarding and outdoor sports from her parents, both of whom are avid bikers and love to head out regularly on adventures. In fact, Zane's father Jeff Timpson is a champion surfer, who once trained for Ironman Triathlon World Championship. Jeff Timpson also owns a construction business in Encinitas. 

He often shares photos and videos of him surfing on the waves, or going on different adventures while imbibing the local culture. He appeared as a guest on The Encinitas Podcast with his son Zane, and the duo shared about their close bond. The father and son were reportedly each other's best friends and bonded over their passion for adventure sports. Jeff Timpson also shared photos of his son on his own Instagram account. He shared an interview of Zane remarking, "Proud of my son Zane."

Not much details are known about Zane Timpson's mother Kathy but he did share a close bond with her as well. 




"One of my favorite up and coming pro skaters died today and he was only two years older than me and it just feels weird. RIP Zane Timpson. Catch the fastest frontside possible or do a boneless in his honor the next time you skate. We’re losing too many folks too fast," a fan tweeted.

 Another wrote, "As of yesterday (November 15th 2021) The up and coming skate scene became a lot less exciting. R.I.P. Zane Timpson."

"R.I.P. Zane Timpson Zane was a most highly creative, positive, humble, inspirational, and talented hardcore skateboarder … gone awaÿ too soon but will live in our hearts and memories FFForever…," a third fan said, while another tweeted, "Zane Timpson was an exceptional skateboarder and even better friend. He touched everyone around him with his humor, excitement and selfless good nature. Read this heartfelt piece and revisit some highlights from an extraordinary life."





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