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'All American' Season 4 Episode 10 Spoilers: Spencer, Olivia choose their road ahead

Spencer and Olivia have chosen what they need to do for a better future, but it won't be as easy as it looks from the outside
Daniel Ezra as Spencer in 'All American' Season 4 (The CW)
Daniel Ezra as Spencer in 'All American' Season 4 (The CW)

Season 4 of ‘All American’ has finally entered a new era and the students of South Crenshaw High are now finding ways how to make their future better. Spencer, Olivia, Tamia, Jordan, Layla, and everyone else have finally graduated and have thought of pursuing a career that they always wanted to.

Spencer (Daniel Ezra) is trying hard to become a professional football player while Olivia (Samantha Logan) wants to have a successful career in journalism. Remember, how Olivia was told not to join the field of media because it needs a lot of sacrifices and sometimes people would have to follow orders and do a story that would be unethical. However, she doesn’t bow down and decides to find a job in the same field.


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It seems the start to her professional career won’t be as smooth as she would have expected it to be. On the other hand, Spencer will try to adjust to this new phase of his life. Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episode of ‘All American’.

‘All American’ Season 4 Episode 10 Spoilers

In Episode 9 of Season 4, we saw Spencer in a dilemma as he had to choose between his career and enjoying his life for a bit. He was at a party and met an athlete who lost his career when he was at his peak and Spencer doesn’t want to end up like him. He knew, what was at stake, so he chose his career. Now, the real hustle begins and it’s time for him to get into the league of biggies.

The supremely fit athlete will be starting his training and will understand that he would need to be at his ultimate best if he wants to make a successful career. However, the strenuous workout regime will make surely make him feel a bit burnt out.

Samantha Logan as Olivia in 'All American' Season 4 (The CW)

On the other hand, Olivia has got a job in a media house and she has a lot of expectations, but it seems her expectations would be shattered because the job isn't something she anticipated. She might not get the stories that she would have wanted to cover nor is the treatment too great. Not everyone gets to cover the stories he or she wanted to or was promised to. So, Olivia will need to do prove herself to get some really extraordinary work on her plate.

The girlfriend-boyfriend duo will be busy with work and that might affect their relationship as well. It will be interesting to see how they balance their professional and personal lives.

‘All American’ returns to The CW with a new episode every Monday at 8 pm EST.