BTS Jungkook's username steals the show as all 7 members get official Instagram handles

While this may not be the biggest news of 2021 from the biggest boy band, fans of BTS have been waiting to see this day for years

                            BTS Jungkook's username steals the show as all 7 members get official Instagram handles
All seven BTS members get personal Instagram accounts as they head out on their official vacations (@bangtan.official/Facebook)

On December 6, BTS members finally did what ARMYs had been wishing for years and did it in the most BTS way possible. It is a well-known fact that BTS members do not use Instagram and interact with fans on sites like Twitter VLive, and Weverse, the official fan cafe of BTS. But now, things are going to change.

The official BTS Instagram handle @bts.bighitofficial was BTS members' only Instagram account that fans knew of. While ARMYs had always suspected that members, especially J-Hope and V (Taehyung) had their personal “finsta’s” (Fake Instagram ID), the details about the same were never released to fans. On December 6, it was announced that BTS members will be taking their well-deserved vacation, first in two years as the seven members of the group have been working relentlessly since 2019.


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BTS worked hard for two years non-stop

Back in 2019, BTS made a comeback with its fourth studio album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ but all plans for the 'Map of the Soul Tour', a world tour for the same album scheduled to be held in 18 locations was canceled. The boys have been working relentlessly on new music since then as they released three successful singles ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ as well as their first entirely “Made by BTS” album ‘BE’.

BTS also finally met fans in person in the United States at the 2021 American Music Awards, the four-day ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ Concerts, and finally ended their activities with an appearance on the iHeartRadio, Jingle Ball show on December 4. Now that the members are finally back in South Korea, they have dropped the most exciting news alongside the announcement of their short hiatus.


BTS members get official Instagram accounts

Well, the news of seven boys getting Instagram handles at the same time is not really huge unless the boys are members of BTS. On December 6, Twitter started blowing up as random phrases related to BTS members started trending and ARMYs found out that the septet had finally made their official Instagram accounts.

Each of the seven members of BTS now has their official Instagram handle and all members have their own unique usernames that all tell a story. All members have made their first post made while V, RM (Namjoon), J-Hope, and Jungkook have posted more than one photo.

BTS members get Instagram official (Instagram)

BTS members' Instagram handles

RM’s Instagram handle is called @rkive which is a fun wordplay for “archive” suggesting the account is RM’s archive. RM has made two posts, both being throwback photos of himself.


Jin, the self-love king of BTS has the Instagram handle with the username, @jin and has only one photo of himself, taken after the ‘PTD on Stage’ concert when he styled his hair like the ‘Squid Game’ killer doll.


Suga who goes by the pseudonym Agust D has the same on his Instagram handle called @agustd with a nature post of a few trees.


J-Hope, the sunshine of BTS, has posted two pictures, both polaroids. While his first image was that of himself at the beach with the sun setting, he captioned the post “I’m your hope,” following it with his own handle, @uarmyhope which is a wordplay on his official greeting, “I’m your hope, You’re my hope, I’m J-Hope.” Fans love how J-Hope somehow included ARMY in his username.


The maknaes of BTS also have fun usernames with Jimin’s Instagram handle being a simple @j.m with one photo of himself from ‘Butter’ era.


V's Instagram handle is simply @thv. T and H are the initials of his birth name Taehyung and V is his stage name. V has posted two photos, one of the skeleton of a baby dinosaur and the other a fun carousel post of himself with shaving cream on his face.


Jungkook on the other hand stole the show with his Instagram account as he used @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz as the name of his Instagram handle. For a regular person, it looks like the maknae listed all alphabets of the English language but Jungkook smartly chose to leave his initials “JK” blank.


ARMYs can't join in on the fun

ARMYs are currently having fun with BTS members’ accounts being made. However, fans won’t be able to comment on any of the member’s posts as they have all disabled comments from people the members do not follow. Fans can only sit back and enjoy the boys interacting with one another in the comments section. But ARMYs have flooded Twitter nevertheless as one fan said, "WHAT IS HAPPENING. what's with jungkooks insta name PLEASE." Jungkook's fun Instagram name took over Twitter as one fan noted, "JUNGKOOKS is trending at #2 in the United States following his Instagram account creation."

One fan said, "JUNGKOOKS IG USER IS SO JUNGKOOK I CANT FCKIN BREATHE SKKSJSKS." Another fan said, "Jungkooks username is all the alphabet except JK." One fan said, "This is literally jungkook’s insta user." One fan's plan seems to be working fine as they said, "BTS getting vacation, bts getting new insta accs, bts gonna be posting their therapeutic posts of vacation." One fan asked, "First day on vacation and bts made insta accounts.. What's next??? Joining tiktok trends?" Another fan joked, "Having to translate weverse, vlive, twt, new content and 7 individual ig captions + their gay comments."









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