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Idaho massacre: Many people knew code for keypad door lock of house, Kaylee Goncalves's sister says

'I will say, due to the closeness of the community and due to the safeness of it, I think a lot of people had access to that door,' Alivea Goncalves said
UPDATED NOV 19, 2022
Kaylee Goncalves was murdered on November 13 (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)
Kaylee Goncalves was murdered on November 13 (kayleegoncalves/Instagram)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: Kaylee Goncalves’ sister Alivea reportedly claimed that the house, where the four University of Idaho students were murdered, was accessible to many people. Goncalves was among the four victims killed on November 13. Maddie Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin where her three friends who were killed the same night.

Speaking with KHQ, Alivea said, “There was a key pad on their front door. I will say, due to the closeness of the community and due to the safeness of it, I think a lot of people had access to that door. But yes, that door had a keypad code on it. They lived on one of the most iconic streets of being seniors it's kind of a well known place.”


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“I know my sisters and I know for a fact they locked their doors. It wasn't a hit and run, it wasn't a car accident. Someone did this with a purpose of doing this. Not once, not twice, not three times but four times. I don't know of anything scarier than that. I don't know what more people could be scared of. I do want to add that being vigilant in this case isn't enough. They were vigilant. They went out in pairs. They only went downtown in a trusted Uber. They only came home in a trusted Uber. They only went to trusted places that they went every other weekend,” she asserted.


Alivea also urged people to come forward if they knew anything about the murders. She reportedly said, “If you saw someone acting out of their nature, I know it's important to protect family and friends and I know those ties of loyalty are strong but you should be scared. If you noticed off behavior, if you noticed something in the shared bathroom trashcan, if you noticed a weird smudge on the fridge after your roommate came home late, call it in. Any injuries, anything at all. Worst case scenario the police talk to them and they get to go home and you did your job.”

Speaking to NewsNation, she said, “We’re losing critical time. I want more coverage, I want more done.” She reportedly continued, “I don’t want to impede on anything. But I want more people speaking out. And if that takes the police to push that agenda, that’s fine. But unfortunately, I feel like it’s been me and the families pushing that agenda. And that’s been really difficult.”


In an Instagram post, Goncalves' other sister Aubrie pleaded with people to cooperate in the case. She said, “I personally ask if you know ANYTHING— no matter how small you think it is to call, and report your information to the number (208) 883-7180. Thank you.” Aubrie added, “To the students of the University of Idaho that are still staying around campus, leave. Your grades are severely less important than your lives. I wish all the students of U of I safety and peace. You guys are not safe until this sicko is found. If the person who did this is capable of killing four innocent people, they are capable of killing more.


“The last thing I want is to have another family experience what I, and my family, is experiencing now. My family and I will constantly strive to do everything in our power to get Kaylee, Maddie, Xana and Ethan the justice they deserve," she concluded.