How did Alicebambam die? Celebrity cosplayer was in a coma for 3 months before death

How did Alicebambam die? Celebrity cosplayer was in a coma for 3 months before death
Arisara Karbdecho, 27, was placed on life support following the choking incident, until she passed on Monday, June 6. (Instagram/@alicebambam)

A Thai internet sensation died three months after she choked on pork kebabs and sticky rice and fell into a coma. The tragic demise of social media influencer Alicebambam (real name Arisara Karbdecho, 27) was confirmed by family and friends on Monday, June 6.

In March 2022, she had choked on the pork delicacy 'moo ping' and sticky rice and had slipped into a coma because of the lack of oxygen. She had been kept on life support for the last 3 months. Karbdecho — also known as "Lollipop Girl" — had reportedly been rushing to finish her meal when the food got lodged in her throat. She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors said they were "nine minutes too late" as her brain had already been deprived of a significant amount of oxygen. The beloved internet celebrity slipped into coma and was subsequently placed on life support until she passed on Monday, June 6.


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Karbdecho's mother Supicha, 57, said the model, popularly known by her online soubriquet "Alicebambam," was always busy. She became a cosplayer and rose to fame on TikTok due to her fan-favorite short films. Her videos reportedly received tens of thousands of likes, and she gained internet fame in 2016 for wearing figure-hugging Pokémon t-shirts. She has since cosplayed a series of anime and video game characters. 


Karbdecho's pal Sirikanda Chaiburut said a wake will be held for the late star until June 10 and she will be laid to rest on June 11. “Everybody who knew Arisara is heartbroken,” an emotional Chaiburut said. “We were shocked when the accident happened but we were all praying she would get better. She was so young and beautiful. I'm devastated she has gone forever," she added.


Karbdecho's original claim to fame was in 2015 when she took part in a weight-loss competition that paid participants 100K baht (~$4,000) for every kilogram they lost. She was reportedly challenged by Shane Thana, the owner of the supplement and functional food company Amado Thailand, to lose 10kg in three weeks and receive 1 million baht (~$29,000). According to Coconuts Bangkok, the challenge was possibly driven by men who felt "cheated" upon realizing she was bigger in size than they presumed. Nonetheless, Karbdecho shed seven kilograms in 22 days, dropping from 65kg to 58kg without any medical supervision, per Taiwanese commercial television broadcasting company TVBS.


At the time of her death, Karbdecho had a combined following of more than two million people on Facebook and Instagram, where fans inundated her accounts with messages of grief and condolences. "I would like to remind all teenagers to take good care of their health, eat food on time, and get enough rest," Karbdecho's grieving mother Supicha said in the wake of her daughter's untimely demise. "If I were with her, this kind of tragedy wouldn't have happened. And I don't want this kind of thing to happen to anyone or any family again," she added. It's worth noting that pork skewers (or 'moo ping') and sticky rice is a popular delicary across Thailand, where it can be purchased from street food vendors for around 50 baht ($1.44).

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