Alice Lovegood: Mom-of-three earns $13K a month from breast milk pumping videos

Alice Lovegood started posting videos of herself pumping breast milk after she became pregnant with her youngest child

                            Alice Lovegood: Mom-of-three earns $13K a month from breast milk pumping videos
Alice Lovegood earns $13K from her milk-pumping videos (TikTok)

Alice Lovegood worked as a cash-strapped family assessment worker when she unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant in August 2020. “My husband and I weren’t planning on having another child so it was a complete shock when we got pregnant. With a third baby on the way, there was a lot more pressure on us financially. I had always been a very sexual person and I knew pregnancy was a fetish so I thought I could make some extra money to help us out," Lovegood said, referring to the time when she got pregnant and was more than $20,000 in debt.

In February 2021, Lovegood started posting pictures of her pregnant belly and slowly ascended to making videos of her pumping her breast milk. By April 2021, she was making content full-time. Lovegood says that X-rated lactating content is getting more popular especially after the Channel 4 documentary 'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend'. Lovegood was also offered a tempting $135K to breastfeed a fan. Lovegood makes about $13,500 a month from her content.


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Alice Lovegood (TikTok)

Lovegood, who has two sons, 8 and 3, and a seven-month-old daughter, has said that her lifestyle changed majorly after she started making a business out of her content. “Before I started doing this last year, our life was very different. We were in over $20K of debt, I worked all the time including weekends and we had never been on a family holiday. Now I can put my kids into a good school if I choose to and I can spend quality time with them. I know some people think posting videos of my breastmilk is disgusting but it’s natural and I don’t care what people say. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I love the confidence it’s given me,” Lovegood said, describing her life before she started selling her videos.

Lovegood was also about to sell her breast milk for $400 a pop but decided against it in order to maintain safety guidelines for the pandemic.