'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Rachel Beaver learns she is pregnant again, wonders if she should keep the baby

'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Rachel Beaver learns she is pregnant again, wonders if she should keep the baby
Rachel Beaver (MTV)

Rachel Beaver had started to get into the dating world once she started going out with Koty. Being with him made Rachel feel that she was finally dating a guy who respected her and wanted to be with her. While everything between them hinted at a positive future together, things took a different turn when Rachel thought that she was pregnant again. 

To be sure, Rachel decided to take a pregnancy test to put an end to the suspense that was slowly eating her up. Rachel's friend Jaden and mom Stephanie were present to lend her support. Without wasting any more time, Rachel took the pregnancy test and waited for the results. 

After a couple of minutes, her fears had come true when she found out that the pregnancy test was positive. Stephanie was also left shocked and couldn't help dissolving into tears thinking about the situation her daughter had landed herself in. Meanwhile, Rachel decided to call Koty to inform him about the pregnancy. 

She decided to come straight to the point and told him that she was pregnant while adding that she was certain because she had taken a pregnancy test. Rachel panicked as she told him she was worried about what to do next. Her past experiences with men hadn't been great and she is being wary about expecting anything from Koty. But Koty made it clear that abortion was not an option. 


Meanwhile, Stephanie gave Rachel some stern talking down. She reminded her daughter that there was more possibility for there to be a false negative rather than a false positive and added that Rachel was certainly pregnant again. It was a bad time to do the 'I told you so' thing but Stephanie even reminded Rachel that this was the reason she kept asking her to be on birth control. 

A clearly repentant Rachel responded saying she felt like the "dumbest bit** on this earth." She further stated that she did not want to go through pregnancy again but Stephanie said there wasn't much the two could do about it. However, Rachel is still in two minds about it. 

Before Rachel could think of any other possibilities, Stephanie warned her daughter that getting rid of the baby would be a decision that she would regret forever. This leaves Rachel confused and conflicted and while speaking to the camera she confessed that she was sure she could take care of one child but taking care of two just seems to be too much for her.


Malorie, Rachel's sister, has suggested that they could always try for an abortion since Rachel was not prepared for a child. However, Rachel wasn't too sure if she wanted to do that. After careful consideration, Rachel decided she would keep the baby. She hoped that things with Koty would be different unlike what she had with Drew and Jacob. 

Things are looking up for Rachel since Koty also supported her decision and assured her that they will be doing this together. 

'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 


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