Lana Michaels: Woman breastfeeds her boyfriend before sex, says it's 'not weird'

Lana Michaels: Woman breastfeeds her boyfriend before sex, says it's 'not weird'
Lana and Shawn, the couple that enjoys and encourages adult breastfeeding (Instagram)

A new documentary explores the taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding. ‘Breastfeeding My Boyfriend’ reportedly features men and women who share intimate details about this social phenomenon. Among the people who have participated in the film is Lana Michaels. 

The mother-of-two, who makes subscriber-only adult content, is originally from Edinburgh but now lives in Spain with her partner, Shawn. They moved just before the pandemic in February 2020. Michales met Shawn in 2019 via a Vegan dating app. Having moved to Spain to work as teachers in a school, the couple's plan was thwarted when the country went into lockdown. Soon after, they decided to quit their jobs to launch their own adult content firm, Lana on Demand. In the documentary, she explained how she missed breastfeeding


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She revealed how she took a herbal supplement to start lactating for her fiancé, who she now breastfeeds twice a week. Online, she found herbal supplements that would help her lactate again. As per the Daily Mail, three days after taking the supplement, she was able to lactate. 

The couple, who appear in ‘Breastfeeding My Boyfriend’, has praised their breastfeeding habit for its nutritious value. “I breastfed my children and I really missed breastfeeding and the feeling of it,” she explained. “I don't want to have another baby and my children are way too old to feed now but I liked the idea of breastfeeding with Shawn.”

The former teacher, who has an eleven-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, told The Sun that breastfeeding her fiancé twice a week is highly erotic. And 18 months on after first experimenting with adult breastfeeding, Michales revealed that she loves the ritual and is unlikely to stop breastfeeding. 


The couple said that they got the idea of breastfeeding before having sex after a foursome with another couple. “We have an open relationship and we both like trying different kinks,” Shawn explained. “I’d been sucking from another woman when I started feeling milk in my mouth. That burned up the sexual idea of breast milk connected with sex and it went from there.” 

Michales said, “Shawn and I have always experimented a lot with sex and I did some research on the internet about breastfeeding and I found out you can restart the milk in your boobs by taking a herbal milk supplement. After three days of taking the supplement, I had a drop of milk in my breast and Shawn started sucking to get the milk flowing. It felt cool. We have sex about five times a week, and Shawn breastfeeds a couple of times in a week. I enjoy breastfeeding him and I like my boobs being fuller and bigger. I’ve gone up from a 34C to a 34D. I feel sexier and more womanly when I have milk in them and we will carry on breastfeeding.” 

Shawn said he finds breastfeeding both arousing and relaxing. “I was breastfed as a baby but now I am an adult, I find it’s relaxing,” he said. “It’s also a moment when I crave that physical connection. The energy is flowing between us when I breastfeed... it can lead up nicely to sex.” 


The couple also claimed to have never been trolled for their breastfeeding habit. “We get really good comments about it,” said Lana. “We don’t like to do it all the time. If you did breastfeeding too much, it would get boring.” 

"To us, breastfeeding isn’t a big thing. It is one of the many things we do," Michaels explained. "We also like role-play. We play a daddy and a girl, a doctor and patient or teacher, and a student. We also go to swingers' clubs.” Shawn said, “We don’t think it is weird and we don’t care if it is not normal. If we like it and it makes us happy then that is the main thing. We are happy together. There is a big problem judging other people through one single action. I think breastfeeding as adults is still seen as taboo as we suppose adults should not be doing that. They think perhaps it is not necessary, but the milk is really nutritious and it’s made for us. I really like Lana’s milk.” 

“There is more negative impact in slaving an animal like a cow than drinking human milk which is made for us,” said Shawn. “There is no cruelty or pain in adult breastfeeding. She gets pleasure, I get pleasure, and I get nutrition. She is happy, I am happy, so what’s the problem?” Michaels said, “As long as you express the milk each day, it will refill. I am lucky as my breasts have never leaked any milk whilst out shopping either."

‘Breastfeeding My Boyfriend’ airs on Channel 4 on October 25 at 10 pm. 

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