Did Kendall Jenner appropriate Mexican culture? Model's 818 tequila ad slammed for 'exploiting locals'

Kendall Jenner disabled the comments on her Instagram after facing severe backlash over the campaign that shows her among Mexican locasls

                            Did Kendall Jenner appropriate Mexican culture? Model's 818 tequila ad slammed for 'exploiting locals'
Kendall Jenner is facing backlash over an ad for her tequila brand 818 (Instagram @kendalljenner)

Kendall Jenner announced the launch of her tequila brand on February 16 and it seems the branding isn't going too well. The 25-year-old supermodel was accused of cultural appropriation over the campaign ad of her tequila brand, 818. Well, this isn't the first time a Kardashian or Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation.

Kendall received appreciation from friends and family for the launch of her tequila brand. However, many comments on her posts show how displeased the Mexican community is over Kendall's attempt to appropriate Mexican culture in an ad for the tequila brand. things got so bad that the model had to disable the comments section on her Instaram.


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Why is Kendall Jenner facing backlash over tequila 818?

An Instagram account called Diet Prada explained in detail what went south with Kendall's marketing strategies of her tequila. Their post read, "Scrolling past the top comments from her influential friends, it seems the Mexican and Latinx community aren’t so keen on the launch." The post then quoted many people who lashed out at Kendal: “Tequila production is traditionally a family business in Mexico. I think it’s disgusting that another rich white celeb is appropriating Mexican culture with the audacity to think you’re making it better than Mexicans,” read one comment. “So basically all you did was try tequilas other people made until you liked one a lot?” another asked. Many were concerned if the craftspeople were being paid enough. “Here we go, another foreigner coming to Mexico and exploiting little nameless local producers, by paying them 1% out of their real profit,” one comment read. “I wonder how much they are really going to make compared to the millions YOU will profit!!” said another.




The tequila ad features Kendall dressed as a Mexican local and aerial shots of maze fields then come and focus on Mexican farmers enjoying a drink. Kendall is also seen driving a jeep through the fields and another video features her with a horse.

People also called out Jenner for disabling the comments on her Instagram. A user wrote on Twitter, "Oh no, not Kendall Jenner going for the Mexican look, as if it wasn't enough of her family members appropriating black culture. #KendallJenner." Another tweeted, "check out @KendallJenner doing her best impression of a Mexican laborer!"



Kendall launched her tequila brand by putting a post on Instagram which said, "For almost 4 years I’ve been on a journey to create the best-tasting tequila. after dozens of blind taste tests, trips to our distillery, entering into world tasting competitions anonymously and WINNING ..3.5 years later i think we’ve done it! this is all we’ve been drinking for the last year and i can’t wait for everyone else to get their hands on this to enjoy it as much as we do! @drink818 coming soon."


Back in 2017, Kendall faced severe backlash over a Pepsi commercial that featured her giving a Pepsi can to a cop during a protest. The advertisement also featured Bob Marley's grandson, Skip Marley. The ad wasn't well received by the public as it showed a privileged supermodel offering a can of soda to a police officer to create peace between law enforcement and activists.

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