'AGT' Season 17: Does Simon not like comedy acts? Fans confused as he says no to 3 comedians

'AGT' Season 17: Does Simon not like comedy acts? Fans confused as he says no to 3 comedians
(L-R) Gina Stahl-Haven, Kim Evey, Don McMillan in 'AGT' Season 17 (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

'America's Got Talent' returned for its 17th season this summer, with Terry Crews reprising his hosting duties with Sofa Vergara, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell returning as judges. As we witnessed the eighth round of auditions this season, viewers have questions about the minimal airtime allocated to comedic artists in the most recent episode.

The eighth set of preliminary acts competed for quarterfinal spots on July 26. The tryouts continue, with a range of performances and hopefuls of all ages competing for a $1 million prize. Several acrobats, variety artists, dancers, vocalists, and comedians appeared in the episode. Three distinct types of comedians auditioned with the aim of making it through the following round. Despite the fact that they all made it, no one received a yes from Simon.


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Gina Stahl-Haven was ready for at least some of the judges to dislike her show, knowing how subjective comedy can be. Simon deemed her "robotic," but three yes votes from Sofia, Heidi, and Howie were enough to send her through. Kim Evey followed her, but "something didn't quite click" with her type of comedy, and Simon as well. Sofia happily cast her third yes vote, claiming it didn't matter if Simon had said no. Don McMillan's "twist" in his comedy routine was that he is a self-described nerd who utilizes charts to explain his discoveries on how the world works, such as a Venn diagram about the distinctions between nerds, dorks, geeks, and stalkers and a bar chart about the highs and lows of popping popcorn. It took a few seconds for the audience and judges to pick up on his sense of humor, but once all was said and done, the judges thought he was unique, lively, and fun enough to receive three yes votes, with Simon dissenting once more.

Given how little time the first two acts received, a fan tweeted: "Hate when we get just a sliver of the stand up. I can listen to a whole song other places easily. Good stand up with new material is not always easy to find #AGT." Seeing Simon hate each of the comedians, a fan called him the Grinch: "oh, so simon’s the grinch now instead of howie? what has the world gone into?" One fan labeled Simon the "party-killer" for the same: "Simon is a party killer. #AGT."




Questioning Simon's decision to put other contestants through, a fan wrote: "So Simon put through the elf but not the funny chart comedian? Really! Really? #agt #AmericasGotTalent." Another fan wrote British celeb Simon Cowell may be struggling with American humor: "@AGT How does @SimonCowell not get American humor after all this time? @howiemandel." One fan felt, Simon was simply in a bad mood: "Simon seems to be in a shi*** mood tonight! #AGT."




Also when the producers decide to give Sethward more time with his weird performance more time than the two female comedians, a fan wrote: "So we spent little time with female comedians they let through, and we waste time on this dumb ass again??? Maybe my dad is right that we should stop watching this show. #AGT." Another fan felt Simon was being sexist towards the female comedians: "It’s abundantly clear that @SimonCowell doesn’t think female comics are funny #AGT @mary_santora."



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