'AGT' Season 17: Freckled Zelda's soulful voice reminds judges not to 'judge books by their covers'

'AGT' Season 17: Freckled Zelda's soulful voice reminds judges not to 'judge books by their covers'
Freckled Zelda on 'America's Got Talent' (Trae Patton/NBC)

The beauty of the 'America's Got Talent' stage is certainly the fact that no matter what your act is, or the persona you take on, it welcomes anyone and everyone. If you have what it takes to entertain an audience, you certainly have a chance at winning the show. And it looks like Season 17 is pulling out all the stops when it comes to eclectic entertainers!

So far, there have been some 'unique' acts, for the lack of a better word. From Mr Parrot to Mr Pants, novelty acts are not uncommon. But good novelty acts are certainly a rare breed. But now, it looks like Freckled Zelda is all set to show the world how it is done!

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Who is Freckled Zelda?

Rachael Wilson, who goes by the name Freckled Zelda is a 19-year-old who calls herself a music fairy. She is a magician, songwriter and performer, who has built quite a following for herself on social media platforms like Instagram, where she goes by @TheFreckledZelda and on TikTok, where her handle is @TheFreckledZelda. She is also present on YouTube (RachaelWilson1), where she uploads musical covers and is often seen playing the ocarina, a wind musical instrument similar to a flute.


Her 'AGT' audition

The judges were certainly sceptical to begin with, seeing that they didn't know what to make of Zelda's fairy persona. However, the moment she began playing the ocarina and started singing, she certainly proved that she belonged on the stage. The judges praised her for being true to who she is, with Simon Cowell stating that he was worried at the start her performance would be "terrible". And while he didn't care for the ocarina, he told her to carry on with her unique look, stating that she was interesting. Heidi Klum noted that this was indeed a variety show that welcomes everyone from different walks of life and fans agreed.


"Yes, Heidi, this is a variety show and not everyone has to be the same! You got for it Freckled Zelda! Love what your did as a performance. Keep that positive hopeful message going.........we all need fairies right now....so many challenges in our lives and people are so complicated! Bravo from Canada." said a fan. "The ocarina is very difficult to play, even more than the flute. As a flutest, I really appreciated her daring to play any ‘flute’ instrument as it is a well known fact that Simon Cowel just hated any flute - his face said it all when she started playing the ocarina. Good for her, staying true to herself and in character. I just fell in love with her the moment I saw thr ocarina hanging around her neck and anticipated a less positive response from Simon Cowel. She proofed him wrong and nailed it. Can’t wait for her next performance." added another. "I can see her being signed with Disney films for her voice." tweeted another. As she made her way off the stage, Howie Mandell even noted at as humans, "judge books by their covers" and it looks like Freckled Zelda reminded the panel to certainly look beyond looks. 

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