Will 'AGT' crown a comic as its winner? Fans hope Josh Blue takes home the $1 million

'No more singers on #AGT. There are so many other shows for singers. Vote for Josh Blue. #WeNeedLaughterRightNow,' wrote a fan

                            Will 'AGT' crown a comic as its winner? Fans hope Josh Blue takes home the $1 million
'America's Got Talent' Season 16 finalist Josh Blue (NBC)

Howie Mandel, judge of ABC's 'America's Got Talent' hailed Season 21 of the popular talent-hunt competition show as 'The year of Josh Blue.' Looks like Howie was onto something considering Josh Blue managed to make it to the coveted top 10 and perform at the finale of 'AGT' Season 16.

Josh is steadily emerging as the top pick for winning the coveted $1 million and an opportunity to perform at Luxor the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The 42-year-old comic from Denver's ability to use his platform to myth busts about disabilities was received pretty well by the audience making him a top contender to become the first comic to win 'AGT'. If you're curious to know more about Josh, then read on.


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Comedian Josh Blue performs during 'AGT' Season 16 finale (NBC)


Who is Josh Blue?

Josh Blue is a 42-year-old comic from Denver. 'America's Got Talent' isn't Josh's first brush in front of cameras. Prior to 'AGT', Josh participated in NBC's now canceled show 'Last Comic Standing' in 2006. He even went on to win 'Last Comic Standing'. Since then Josh has performed at several sold-outs hows across the country. 

His dark humor around his cerebral palsy has won him a loyal fanbase. During 'AGT's semi-finals, Josh performed a set on his experience of being a part of the Paralympic football team. Simon Cowell urged Josh to be more 'naughty'. So, when it was time for Josh to perform during the finale, he took Simon's feedback into consideration and cracked several jokes at the judge. Josh pointed out how botox was initially developed for helping cerebral palsy patients, however, when the researchers realized that botox could also help with wrinkles, he joked that they decided to forget about cerebral palsy patients and focus on benefits of botox to wipe out crow's feet. Josh proceeded to take a dig at Simon's heavily botoxed face. 

Josh Blue took digs at judge Simon Cowell during his final performance on 'AGT' Season 16 (NBC)


Fans couldn't get enough of Josh's dark and witty humor and began declaring that he should win the talent competition show. 'AGT' has the notorious reputation of having several singers as its winners, so fans are hoping for Josh to break that streak and become the first comic to take home the prize. A fan tweeted, "Josh Blue should win. #AGTFinals." Another fan wrote, "Josh Blue may have just won #AGT." "Funny-as-all-get-out (and disabled) comedian @JoshBlueComedy killed it tonight on @AGT! America, please #VoteForJosh! #VoteForJoshBlue #AGT #AmericasGotTalent," added a fan.




'AGT' season 16 finalist Josh Blue (NBC)


Another fan shared, "No more singers on #AGT. There are so many other shows for singers. Vote for Josh Blue. #WeNeedLaughterRightNow." "Josh Blue was funny as hell tonight. Those arm jokes took me clean out #AGT," declared a fan. "#AGT #AGTFinals This is the closest we have of a comedian winning AGT since Drew Lynch on season 10, I really haven’t been this confident and liked a mans chances of winning like I have with Josh Blue since that season," expressed a fan.




The winner of 'America's Got Talent' Season 16 will be announced on Wednesday, September 15 at 9/8c on NBC. 

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