Will aerialist Aidan Bryant win 'AGT' Season 16? Fans say teen 'defied gravity'

'If Simon Cowell stands on top of the table you know it's serious. That Aiden Bryant kid is something else. He should win #AGT for real...' wrote a fan

                            Will aerialist Aidan Bryant win 'AGT' Season 16? Fans say teen 'defied gravity'
'America's Got Talent' Season 16 finalist Aidan Bryant (NBC)

Among all the judges on ABC's hit talent hunt show 'America's Got Talent', Simon Cowell has the reputation of being the toughest judge to impress. This British television personality and record executive doesn't mince any words when it comes to criticizing performances on the show, he is also pretty generous with compliments when he is impressed. 

After watching some thousands of performances on 'AGT' Season 16, ten incredibly talented performers got a step closer to their dream of winning a whopping $1 million prize money and a show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, which awaits for the winner of the competition. Since day one, Simon has been rooting for sixteen-year-old aerialist Aidan Bryant. From showering praises upon Aidan to even giving the young performer his golden buzzer, Simon didn't hide the fact that he was in total awe of the teen from Prince George County, Virginia. For his final performance, Aidan gave his best performance to date, which earned him a standing ovation from Simon. It wasn't any ordinary standing ovation, Simon bravely stood upon the judge's table and began clapping earnestly as Aidan ended his gravity-defying final performance on the show. 


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'AGT' star Aidan Bryant (NBC)


Who is Aidan Bryant?

Aidan is a 16-year-old aerialist from Prince George County. Aidan stumbled upon aerial acrobatics accidentally. Things at school haven't been easy for this teen as he felt like he didn't fit in with any of his peers. So, one day while he was browsing the internet he chanced upon singer Pink's live performance at a concert. Her aerial acrobatics routine instantly captured his attention. He wanted to try it out himself. 

So he searched through his grandmother's closet and picked out some old bedsheets and proceeded to try out aerial acrobatics by himself. He explained, "I went into my grandmaโ€™s closet, found a sheet, put two straps on it, got a ladder and hung up it in a tree in the garden." Aidan admitted that he was afraid but he also was curious to try it out, and as soon as he jumped down the tree he felt a jolt of excitement and happiness like he had never felt before. Since then there has been no looking back for him. As a self-taught aerialist, Aidan practiced his craft really hard and perfected it. This eventually led him to 'AGT'.

Aidan Bryant during his final performance on 'AGT' (NBC)


Will Aidan Bryant win 'AGT' Season 16?

Although no aerialist has ever won the talent competition show before, it looks like odds are in Aidan's favor to win Season 16 of 'AGT'. The young aerialist has consistently managed to impress judges and the audience with his breathtaking performances. His final performance was so good that many fans have already declared him as their winner in their books, irrespective of whether he actually wins the competition or not.

A fan tweeted, "@AidanBryantAGT was BORN to do this. He trained himself, and came up out of nowhere to bring all of America to its feet. THIS is what this show is about! PURE TALENT!! #AGT #AGTFinals." Another fan wrote, "@AidanBryantAGT defied gravity tonight! #AGT #AGTFinals." "YOWZA!! I have been waiting for an aerialist/acrobat act to win #agt @AidanBryantAGT has the best chance to be that act! His #agtfinal performance was OUTSTANDING!! No matter the results tomorrow, he is a star & any stage would be lucky to have him Bravo!! @AGT," expressed a fan.




Simon Cowell couldn't stop praising Aidan Bryant's performance on 'AGT' (NBC)


Many fans were also amused by Simon's reaction to Aidan's performance. A fan commented, "If @SimonCowell stands on top of the table you know it's serious. That Aiden Bryant kid is something else. He should win #AGT for real.." "Seeing @SimonCowell getting on the desk has to be the funniest and craziest thing I ever seen him do this season on @AGT. #AGT," echoed a fan. Another fan added, "Standing on top of the desk was a perfect standing ovation for Aidan he was unbelievable and we all saw it thank you [email protected] #AGT."




'America's Got Talent' Season 16 winner will be announced on September 15 at 9/8c on NBC. 

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