'Simon stop being an a**hole': Angry fans slam 'AGT' judge for interrupting Connor Johnson's song

'Simon stop being an a**hole': Angry fans slam 'AGT' judge for interrupting Connor Johnson's song
Simon Cowell and Connor Johnson on 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 (NBC)

Over the years Simon Cowell has earned the reputation of being a very harsh judge on talent-hunt shows, yet nearly every second performer auditioning for 'America's Got Talent' walks onto the stage hoping to get his seal of approval. Hawaiian singer Connor Johnson was no different.

Dressed in a tropical print shirt with a guitar on his shoulders, Connor walked onto the stage and announced that he would be singing a song. While the audience seemed to be thoroughly enjoying Connor's buttery smooth vocals, unfortunately, Simon didn't share the same feeling. So, the judge stopped Connor mid-performance and declared that he found the act quite boring and asked the youngster if he had any other song he could sing. Connor quickly got over the shock and proceeded to sing Sam Smith and Disclosure's 'Latch' with his own spin on it. The audience once again was swooning over him, and Simon too enjoyed the performance this time around. Later, the judge pointed out that Connor's second song was much better than his first and urged him to step out of his comfort zone before giving him a yes. Although Connor managed to get four yeses from the judges, fans weren't willing to let Simon off the hook that easily for interrupting Connor's performance.


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You can watch Connor's audition here:


Several fans took to Twitter to call out Simon for being harsh and rude, for absolutely no reason. A fan tweeted, "Simon is just wrong about Connor's first tune. The second was just as good too. You can tell Ed Sheeran is an influence on this guy. #AGT #AmericasGotTalent." "@SimonCowell #AGT You are in an extremely bad mood tonight. Please try to be more fair and let others have an opinion," suggested a fan. "Damn, Simon on a roll tonight... He stopping everybody!!! But Connor has a nice voice... #AGT @AGT," wrote a fan.




Judge, Simon Cowell on 'AGT' (NBC)

"I like the way the crowd revolted. They didn't let Simon take him down. #AGT," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "The energy used to feed Simon Cowell's ego could be enough to free us from fossil fuels. #AGT." "Simon stop being an a**hole, the audience was enjoying it. #AGT," pointed out a fan. "I don’t want to make this awkward, but SWOON. i love talent like this.. he was GREAT! #AGT," a fan praised Connor's performance.





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