'AGT' 17: Fans slam Simon Cowell for judging 'pole dancer' Kristy Sellars before her performance

'AGT' 17: Fans slam Simon Cowell for judging 'pole dancer' Kristy Sellars before her performance
Australian dancer Kristy Sellars on 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 (AGT/ YouTube)

Love him or hate him, there's no debating over Simon Cowell being an excellent judge of talents! Over the years the 'America's Got Talent' judge has earned a reputation for doling out really harsh critcism to performers on the talent hunt show, as well as his occassional generosity with compliments towards some of the acts. When Australian dancer and mother-of-three children- Kristy Sellars stepped onto the NBC show's stage ready to showcase her pole dancing skills, Simon wasted no time in declare it as "pointless".

The judge sat back in his chair while rolling his eyes even before Kristy began her performance. Despite Simon's negative attitude and pre-judgment, Kristy remained undeterred and went on to give one of the best pole dancing performances ever seen on 'AGT'. She effortlessly fused art and story-telling into her performance, with her clever usage of animated backdrop and including it in her performance. By the time she was done, the judges including Simon were on their feet giving a standing ovation to Kristy's impeccable talent and creativity.


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You can watch Kristy Sellars' performance here:


While giving his feedback to Kristy, Simon admitted that he wasn't excited to watch yet another pole dancer on the show, but Kristy's ability to add a story to her performance left him bowled. All the four judges unanimously gave a resounding yes to the Australian dancer and expressed their interest in seeing what she would do next. After watching Simon do a 180 on his opinion about Kristy's performance, several fans took to the show's YouTube page to slam him for judging Kristy without watching her performance.

A fan commented, "Lot of us know Simon is a really good talent finder and I give him that credit for sure but I don’t understand why he still giving hard time to some clients by his body languages or his speech before they start, even though Simon got surprised many times after he underestimated some clients before they perform. Please don’t judge them before their performances start Simon." "Simon is always too quick to judge, he's the type of guy that you wouldn't want to hang out with lol. She didn't even start performing yet and his reaction was like "eh, don't care" whilst the other judges were looking forward to it. Simon you need to judge after the performances, not before it 😂," wrote another fan. "Simon Cowell had his eye rolling Susan Boyle moment. Don't judge a person before his or her act. He should have known better," added a fan. "Love this!!! Loved Simon being put in his place too and then standing to clap.. So quick to judge and ended up eating humble pie real quick..," seconded a fan.

Fans also lauded Kristy's flawless performance which they felt "shut" Simon and his biases down. A fan shared, "She "shut" Simon up with that amazing performance. Beautiful and very creative. 🤗👍🤗." "I really dislike the attitude Simon carries and this is not just the first act that he has responded like this!! The act was PHENOMENAL 😍," pointed out a fan. "That was literally one of the most creative act's I've ever seen. Incredible! True tale of never judge a book by its cover... Simon," observed a fan. "I love how you could practically see Simon's eyes rolling back in his head before she started to giving her a standing O. That was absolutely amazing!" echoed a fan.

Simon Cowell watches Kristy Sellars' performance on 'AGT' (AGT/ YouTube)

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