'AGT' 17: Simon Cowell slammed for giving 'mediocre' Sara James golden buzzer, fans say 'just not fair'

'AGT' 17:  Simon Cowell slammed for giving 'mediocre' Sara James golden buzzer, fans say 'just not fair'
Golden Buzzer winner Sara James on 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 (NBC)

Whenever a performer on 'America's Got Talent' receives the coveted golden buzzer from one of the judges or the host Terry Crews, fans are usually elated. Sadly it wasn't the same when Simon Cowell decided to give his golden buzzer to singer Sara James.

Sara, a 13-year-old singer from Poland walked onto the 'AGT' stage and performed to Billie Eilish's 'Lovely'. Even before the teenager began her performance, Simon declared that he had a "good feeling" about her. Once she was done performing, Simon couldn't get enough of her rich, velvety vocals and decided to make her big trip to America memorable by giving her the golden buzzer. While the other judges- Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum, felt that Simon made the right decision by picking Sara, fans however didn't share the same feeling. After learning that Sara had earlier won Poland's 'The Voice Kids' and was a runner-up in 'Junior Eurovision Song Contest', they felt that it was unfair to give her the golden buzzer. 



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You can watch Sara James' 'AGT' audition here:


A fan posted on the show's YouTube clip of Sara's performance, "I think it should be disqualifying for someone to come on America's Got Talent if they've already won another talent contest in another country. It takes away from people who never had an opportunity like this before." "Don't like the fact that they don't make it public that she already won voice Poland and did teen Eurovision. Just not fair," wrote another fan. "This Golden Buzzer isn't exactly fair. Sara James is a famous Polish singer from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 AND she won THE VOICE KIDS Poland..." commented a fan. "I honestly don't feel like this was a golden buzzer worthy performance. She was good but not enough for me to be blown away??? Idk I also find it a little odd that she's been on The Voice in Poland... won? Then eurovision apparently? How many competition shoes is she gunna enter??" questioned a fan.


Aside from slamming Simon for his unfair golden buzzer pick, some fans also felt that Sara's performance wasn't golden buzzer worthy. A fan shared, "No sob story, good. But, was it really golden buzzer worthy? I mean, Simon doesn’t just normally go around saying “I have a good feeling about you.” Well, I have a good feeling about this show preselecting the golden buzzers. I know, I know. She’s talented. Not just talented, very talented. But a great voice and an original song involve way more talent than just singing a covered song." "I didn’t think she was anything too special. She deserved to go through, but she wasn’t anywhere near golden buzzer worthy in my opinion. What was Simon thinking?" wondered a fan. "I agree with the great voice but definitely not even close to golden buzzard worthy I'm sorry," pointed out a fan. "Shes good dont get me wrong but golden buzzer? nah mediocre at best and some of her notes were off key......... other acts deserved it more," seconded a fan. "She's a good singer but she don't deserve a golden buzzer. Damn, the stupid AGT judges are definitely biased because those auditionees who truly deserve the golden buzzer are not being appreciated," expressed a fan.


Sara James sings on 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 (NBC)

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