'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 Week 4 Lineup: Four former winners from across the globe to take the stage

'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 Week 4 Lineup: Four former winners from across the globe to take the stage
'AGT: All-Stars' Week 4 lineup includes four past winners from across the globe (Instagram/powerduo2015, mabdadarius, rianariani, battledroidscrew)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The 'America's Got Talent: All-Stars' 2023 Week 40 roster will include ten additional participants. Following this week's broadcast, the show will have more than half of the 60 artists picked to perform and compete in the finals.

The fourth set of ten acts (of the total 60 acts) will take the stage in front of judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell, and host Terry Crews on Monday, January 23 on NBC. However, only two of these ten contestants will proceed to the finals: one via the judges' Golden Buzzer and one via the votes of the 'AGT' superfans, the results of which are disclosed at the end of the episode. As a result, the remaining eight artists will be eliminated from the competition. This week's roster has several previous winners from all over the world.


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'AGT': All Stars 2023 Week 4 Lineup

So, who will be on 'AGT: All-Stars' on January 23? All the scheduled artists have been confirmed by NBC. They are as follows:

Power Duo

Power Duo participated in Season 5 of 'Pilipinas Got Talent,' and they won. They auditioned as friends, and their outstanding performance earned them Robin Padilla's golden buzzer, advancing them directly to the semifinals. Power Duo was the first non-singing act to win the competition. They also participated in Season 3 of 'Asia's Got Talent,' finishing third.



Cristina Rae

Cristina Rae appeared on 'AGT' Season 15 as a vocalist. She finished third in the competition. After being interrupted by Simon during her audition, Cristina is the second singing act to make it to the finals. She is, however, the highest-ranking singing act to be halted by Simon. She is Heidi Klum's most advanced Golden Buzzer in the main series. Cristina was also the first of Heidi's two straight Golden Buzzer acts to make it to the finals.



Human Fountains

Human Fountains were a novelty act on 'AGT' Season 13. They were ousted in the Judge Cuts but returned as a wild card in the quarterfinals before being eliminated again. Human Fountains made an appearance in the fifth season of the Italian competition series 'Tu Si Que Vales,' which aired later that year. In 2019, Human Fountains participated in 'Česko Slovensko má talent'. Their precise position is uncertain. Human Fountains participated in Season 14 of 'La France a un incroyable talent,' losing in the semifinals.



Emil and Dariel

Emil and Dariel were a cellist duet from 'AGT' Season 9. They were eliminated in the top 12 of the Judges' Choice competition. Emil and Dariel advanced further than any other act in Season 9 who did not perform during the judgment week, despite having a chance to enter the Top 6. Later, Emil and Dariel got the opportunity to perform live with 2CELLOS, a group that also includes two cellists who play rock and other music as "4CELLOS," a term devised by member Luka.



Darius Mabda

Darius Mabda won the twelfth season of "Romania's Got Talent" in 2022 after receiving the Golden Buzzer from judge Mihai Bobonete. Darius Mabda is only 14 years old. He comes from Oradea and trains for two-four hours every day to pursue his passion. "When I dance, I go into a trance," the charming contestant stated before taking the stage and delivering his own choreography, which he worked extremely hard on.



The Sacred Riana

The Sacred Riana (born Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani) is an Indonesian magician and illusionist. She was a participant in the second season of 'Asia's Got Talent,' and she won. The Sacred Riana participated in America's Got Talent's Season 13. She was knocked out of the live quarterfinal round.



Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann is a young magician who reached the finals of 'Britain's Got Talent' in Series 14. Aidan is from Ireland's County Kildare. Prior to his stint on 'BGT,' he competed in the second series of 'Ireland's Got Talent,' reaching the semifinals. Following his breakthrough on 'IGT,' he was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres in America and also had the opportunity to perform with 'AGT' champion and fellow magician, Shin Lim.



Robert Finley

 Featured vocalist in AGT's Season 14, Robert Finley, was eliminated in the Judges' Choice semifinals. Robert is the third blind person to make it to the 'AGT' live stages. On September 30, 2016, he released his debut studio album, 'Age Don't Mean a Thing,' on Big Legal Mess Records.



Mini Droids

Mini Droids participated in Season 7 of 'Belgium's Got Talent' and won. Battle Droids Crew's elder members participated in Season 14 but were ousted before the judge cuts.



Ndlovu Youth Choir

Ndlovu Youth Choir was a choir from 'AGT' Season 14. They bagged the fifth spot. Syco Music and Sony Music Africa have secured a record contract with Ndlovu Youth Choir. 'Africa,' their debut album, was released on November 29, 2019. They returned to 'AGT' as guest performers in Season 15.



'America's Got Talent: All-Stars' episode 4 is scheduled to release on Monday, January 23, at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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 'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 Week 4 Lineup: Four former winners from around the globe to take the stage