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'AGT: All Stars' 2023: Avery Dixon's 'Happy' performance makes Simon Cowell 'almost' hit Golden Buzzer

In his comeback at 'AGT: All-Stars' Dixon sang 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams
UPDATED JAN 17, 2023
Avery Dixon in 'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 (NBC)
Avery Dixon in 'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 (NBC)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Avery Dixon, the smart and skilled Saxophonist from Season 17 of 'America's Got Talent,' returned to put on a show. His performance enthralled not only the judges (Simon was very close to giving away his Golden Buzzer) and the audience of 'America's Got Talent: All-Stars,' but also the fans at home, who appreciated Terry Crews' involvement in changing Avery's life.

Avery, 22, was born in Atlanta and endured a lot of bullying in high school because he had a "pitchy and airy" voice. Avery was born 24 weeks premature, weighed only 1 pound and had to wear a tube in his throat for 39 days, which led to his current voice. He is an exceptionally good saxophonist, being the grandson of legendary saxophonist Maxwell Davis. In his comeback at 'AGT: All-Stars' he sang 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams, and the judges were thrilled with his performance.


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Avery has brought his band for his second attempt to win. He wants to win for his mother, who talked him into joining last year. With newfound confidence, Avery introduces himself before playing a jazzy and passionate rendition of 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. He's as amazing as ever, but with a little more "swag" in his step. 

Unable to sit while Avery played the saxophone, Heidi Klum had to "stand and dance" during his performance. Avery's performance received a standing ovation from all three judges and the live audience. After Avery's performance, all the judges expressed their opinions and applauded the young saxophonist for his talent. Simon Cowell was so impressed with Avery's performance that he stated he almost hit the Golden Buzzer for her. "This is why we wanted to make the show All-Stars because I believe when you're great, competition like this brings out the best in people," Simon explained. "This was you in your very best, no questions or doubts." Simon then explained that Avery had a good chance of winning the entire show, and that he had set the bar high for the other contestants. After Avery left the stage, Simon admitted that he had considered giving Avery his Golden Buzzer and "almost did." The only reason the music mogul did not hit the Golden Buzzer is because he believes Avery will win the Superfans' vote and move on to the finals.

Fans didn't fail to praise Terry Crews who put Avery on the map by awarding him his Golden Buzzer in his original season, "Everyone should have a hype man like @terrycrews!" Another fan added, "@averydixononsax #AGTAllStars I love a confident man in a gold bow tie. No nerves at all. He’s having a blast & so is the crowd. Great golden buzzer @terrycrews You helped create Avery. I’m sure you’re busting w/pride & excitement." Speaking of his performance, a fan wrote, "Looks like @averydixononsax is HAPPY tonight." Another Twitter user wrote, "say what you want be he can ROCK. THAT. SAX!"





Happy with the way the audition for Week 3 kicked off, a viewer tweeted," @averydixononsax was on fire tonight! His cover of Pharrell's "Happy" was epic! What a way to start off." Another fan didn't hold back from calling him a 'legend', "Avery Dixon is one the best saxophone-players of all time. He’s a true legend." Another person ranked his performance by writing, "Avery Dixon > any other acts!" Fans too felt that he deserved the standing ovation from all three judges, "Well deserved standing o for Avery."





'America's Got Talent: All-Stars' airs every Monday at 8/7c on NBC.

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