'AGT: All-Stars' 2023: Who is Kawaljit Singh? Bir Khalsa founder led his team to win 4 Guinness World Records

'AGT: All-Stars' 2023: Who is Kawaljit Singh? Bir Khalsa founder led his team to win 4 Guinness World Records
Bir Khalsa on 'AGT' (Youtube/AmericasGotTalent)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Known for their deadly performances, Bir Khalsa is a group of martial artists from Punjab, India.  The popular group is all set to perform at 'AGT: All Stars'. The founder of the group is Kawaljit Singh who started Bir Khalsa in 2000. He is a great martial artist and has trained many aspiring talents, some of whom are in his performing troupe. The group did debuted on television via 'India's Got Talent', the Indian version of the reality show franchise.



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Who is Kawaljit Singh?

Kawaljit has always been passionate about martial arts, and started training from when he was only five years old. He founded the group Bir Khalsa to provide a platform for Sikh artists to learn and perform the fighting style grounded in his culture in front of the world. 


Kawaljit's journey was definitely not a cakewalk. He struggled a lot and, at times, even end up demonstrating his skills on the streets to cover his daily expenses. Due to his financial problems, he even ended up selling his  bike and his mother's gold ornaments. These hurdles, however, could not hold back Kawaljit from achieving his dreams. Since childhood, he had dreamt of forming the strongest martial arts group in the world. 

Bir Khalsa found their way to fame by performing internationally. In 2009, the daredevil group participated in 'India’s Got Talent' and they made it to the show’s finale. Their performance was breathtaking, leaving the viewers and judges stunned. After featuring on several platforms and channels, the group has now gained popularity across the globe. 


The success of Bir Khalsa did not stop Kawaljit from training talented performers. With more than 500 members in the group, Kawaljit, along with his team, has won several international awards and has four Guinness World Records. Speaking about the group's journey and the biggest challenge they have faced, Kawaljit told The Quint, “We had a manager called Karamjeet Singh. He cheated us so badly. He was with us for four to five years. When we went to Germany, he took money from there in our names by making fake bills. We went to Italy, and even there also he cheated us. So, that manager was a fraud. Here also he took 6,000 dollars from these Americans. We thought we might have to leave this show because of him. When we had fired him and were not getting anyone else, we were very tense. This was the most challenging thing for us.”

Bir Khalsa and GOT Talents

Bir Khalsa has been displaying their skills 'The Sikh War Art' at various international stages over the decades. They have been featured on various channels such as BBC, Discovery, National Geography, Sony TV, Channel 7 and ZEE. The group started their journey of professional performances in 2009 when they performed for the very first time at 'India's Got Talent' and bagged the runner-up position. In 2022, they performed in 'Australia's Got Talent'. Bir Khalsa previously participated in season 14 of 'America's Got Talent'. Unfortunately, they were eliminated in the finals.



Catch Bir Khalsa on 'AGT: All-Stars' 2023 on Monday, January 16 at 8 pm ET on NBC and Peacock.

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