'AGT' 2022 Semi-Finals: Angry fans blame show's poor sound system for Travis Japan's bad performance

'AGT' 2022 Semi-Finals: Angry fans blame show's poor sound system for Travis Japan's bad performance
Howie Mandel and Travis Japan on 'America's Got Talent' (NBC)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: With dreams of being named as one of the biggest stars in the world, J-Pop boy band Travis Japan joined 'America's Got Talent' Season 17 to showcase their exceptional skills. From singing and dancing to acrobats, the talented members of this J-Pop band does it all.

After wowing the judges and the audience during the auditions, Travis Japan managed to earn a spot in the semi-finals round. Hoping to recreate the magic, the boy band stepped onto the stage in their eye-catching silver outfits and charming smiles. As the group got ready to perform to 'Party Up Like Crazy', they were met with some technical glitches. Thanks to the poor sound system and mics, the audience and the judges couldn't catch the initial few seconds of their performance. Unfazed by the technical glitch, the group continued their performance but was met with yet another obstacle, Howie Mandel's buzzer. The celebrity comedian buzzed against the group as he was too confused by the chaos on the stage. Thankfully, the other 'AGT' judges- Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, and Heidi Klum, gave the band the chance to complete their performance. 


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You can watch Travis Japan's performance here:


Though the other judges praised Travis Japan for confidently continuing their performance despite the technical difficulties, fans however felt that the boy-band group couldn't showcase their talent to full potential due to the poor sound system on the show. Many fans took to the show's YouTube channel and Twitter to vent their frustrations. A fan tweeted, "Howie is an a** for Xing Travis Japan. Sounds like an technical issue with their Mike's #agt." "This was an excellent performance, #TravisJapan! Ignore Howie's buzzer! #AGT," wrote a fan. Another fan commented on the YouTube video clip of their performance with, "Show Must Go On! Kudos to them for continuing to dance and sing when the buzzer goes off. It's a shame their charm didn't resonate with Howie, but these are people who could deliver a much better performance. Would love to see them on stage next! Simon's words are all I have to say, I love you TravisJapan!"



Travis Japan on 'AGT' Season 17 (NBC)
Travis Japan on 'AGT' Season 17 (NBC)

Another fan shared, "Most of the American audience doesn't listen to Jpop I literally can't hear a damn word they're singing because AGT's sound system is so bad. #AGT." "Travis Japan The mic and audio wasn’t working like the other contestants so I hope that can have another chance. (Their dancing and glittery jackets were nice as before ) #AGT #TravisJapan," expressed a fan. "Travis Japan looked like they were having mic trouble. And they were nervous, of course. But I know they can sing better. I know Travis Japan's performance is so nice. I hope that they can get last performance chance Please, vote for Travis Japan! #AGT #TravisJapan," seconded a fan.

"It’s a shame their mics didn’t seem to be working right that would make me nervous too and mess up. They shouldn’t get buzzed for that. They were in good synch and it really sad their audio production was bad that they couldn’t do it to the best of their capabilities/potential. It’s very hard to sing and dance at the same time live and they’re brave to do that on the agt stage. Look forward to supporting them in the future and glad they got to promote themselves on agt," added a fan. "It's to bad they had an audio problem but still a decent performance. Shouldn't have gotten buzzed for technical difficulties. Yet they still were professional nonetheless," echoed a fan.




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