Aespa gets first cover for Vogue as concept photos for debut EP 'Savage' released

The K-pop girl group aespa released their Vogue cover and the newest concept photos for Savage on the same day

                            Aespa gets first cover for Vogue as concept photos for debut EP 'Savage' released
aespa on their first cover for Vogue (@voguesingapore/Instagram)

Rookie monsters aespa may have only debuted last year, but they are taking the entertainment industry by storm. From their cutting edge concept of AI avatars and topping music charts to futuristic photoshoots, they’re in high demand. In fact, they’ve been on the cover of several magazines in a span of a few months while preparing for their first EP ‘Savage’. And now they’re appearing on the cover of Vogue.

One of the most reputed fashion magazines, Vogue Singapore has brought in aespa for the cover of their first-anniversary issue. Labelling their rise to fame revolutionary, Vogue had a photoshoot and interviewed the four-member girl group. Playing with their sci-fi concept that we’ve been seeing from their debut, the shoot too incorporated the futuristic elements. We can also see callbacks to their concept photos for ‘Savage’ that has been inspired by the ‘Matrix’.


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aespa on their first Vogue cover

Previously, the girls had been selected to be on the cover of Dazed, Glass and Pop magazine. It should also be noted that they’re the first K-pop group to be global ambassadors for the luxury brand Givenchy. This has impressed netizens and fans as aespa is also gradually taking over the fashion industry. The girls were also seen wearing different brands for their solo shots. Giselle was in Dolce & Gabbana, NingNing was in Fendi, Karina had donned Valentino while Winter was sporting Gucci.

aespa for 'Synk Dive' and 'Hallucination Quest' concept photos (@aespa_official/Twitter)

'Savage' concept photos

aespa is also going all out for their debut EP. We’ve had two sets of concept photos titled ‘Hallucination Quest’ and ‘Synk Dive’, as well as video teasers. Knetizens were impressed that the video teasers had different music such as rock, pop, trap and techno-pop as it looks like SM Entertainment is investing a lot in this comeback. Furthermore, the ‘Hallucination Quest’ concept photos are a clear reference to the Matrix as we see the Matrix code on NingNing’s outfit and scenes from the films with Karina floating the way Keanu Reeves does when he is attached to the wires.


Fans are also more excited for this comeback since it seems like SM has forgone the AI concept which wasn’t received well by netizens. But it looks like we might see the AI counterparts of the girls in the music video since the antagonist of that storyline, Black Mamba, is present in the Savage concept photos. Furthermore, the concept title ‘Synk Dive’ is a reference to the girls merging with their AI counterparts.

'Monster rookies indeed'

Excited MYs (aespa’s fandom) have been trending the Vogue cover and Karina and Giselle’s latest concept photos. One fan tweeted, “#aespa booked and busy!” Another added, “Karina said she was being held up by a wire in this shot and her waist hurts a little bit. For real this is not a NORMAL photo teaser. Aespa is always one step ahead and killing the game.” “Savage giselle is already slaying,” said one MY. Multi-fans have also taken one of the concept photos to the next level, “NEW TREND UNLOCKED: #aespa SYNK DIVE.”

“Aespa’s magazine covers so far: - DAZED - GLASS - POP - VOGUE they did all of these in less than a year. monster rookies indeed!” commented one fan. Another shared, “Mys: oh no, how will they top next level’s teasers aespa:.”







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