Adin Ross and HasanAbi: Top 5 fights and history of feud between pro streamers

Adin Ross and HasanAbi: Top 5 fights and history of feud between pro streamers
Twitch streamer HasanAbi targeted Adin Ross during his most recent stream after learning that he had falsely asserted copyright against another YouTuber (HasanAbi/Twitter, Adin Ross/Twitter)

The feud between Adin Ross and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker is nothing new. The Kick and Twitch streamers are known for taking a jab at each other pretty often for various reasons, the most recent being the ‘copyright’ drama.

Twitch streamer HasanAbi targeted Ross during his most recent stream after learning that Ross had falsely asserted copyright against another YouTuber, costing them thousands of dollars in revenue. According to HasanAbi, he will personally foot the bill for any legal action taken against Ross. It is the most recent conflict between the two broadcasters in a string of disputes.


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‘Are you in a cult?’

In April 2023, HasanAbi again took a jab at Ross when the latter took the decision to shave his head. Ross' decision to change his appearance had the Twitch streamer completely at ease. Ross's dramatic choice to shave his head, in Hasan's opinion, was motivated by the influence of infamous former kickboxer Andrew Tate.


Adin's revelation that he intended to shave his head shocked Hasan. “You better not f****ng shave your head. Bro, what are you? Are you in a cult? What is this?” Hasan tweeted.



‘Streaming for money’

HasanAbi and Ross have occasionally clashed in the past over a range of topics. Ross had recently switched from Twitch to a new streaming service called Kick, and things had been quiet between the two.

HasanAbi reacted angrily in March 2023 after Ross implied that Piker was only there streaming for the money. He tweeted in reaction to a clip of Ross that DramaAlert, a news aggregation account on YouTube and streaming services, had posted. "Go look at my hours & compare em to yours," Piker had said. “It's difficult for you to comprehend because all you care about is making money for your sponsors in gambling and cryptocurrency scams.”


Piker has long objected to Ross' contents, much of which was directed towards young audiences. The former described Ross' streams as ‘problematic’ and claimed that he was on a ‘wrong path’ as they were being broadcast to more than 7.2 million followers.




HasanAbi, in response to the Kick-streamer's tirade in which Piker was dubbed a ‘buffoon’ for criticizing Adin for the ongoing controversies surrounding him, attacked Ross in a tweet in March.

The political streamer expressed his disappointment in him for deviating in such a manner. HasanAbi said he had hoped Ross' recent attitude was an ‘act’, calling the former Twitch streamer's words "authentically awful." "Bro really said he's authentically awful, actually," he wrote in a tweet on March 19, 2023.


The Just Chatting Streamer of the Year also spoke out against Ross's criticism of him. As a producer of progressive content, Hasan asserted that he has been consistent with his messaging "for nearly a decade" and expressed gratitude to his audience.



Controversial take on genders

Similarly in February this year, both took a jab at each other after Adin Ross’ controversial take on genders sparked an online debate. Ross offended and alienated both viewers and other streamers when he claimed in a tweet that he thought there were only two genders.

HasanAbi claimed on his official Twitter account that numerous online figures have used a similar argument when they've been up against the wall.



‘Andrew Tate controversy’

Hasan Piker couldn't stop making fun of Adin Ross when he made a contentious remark on the arrest of Andrew Tate in December 2022.

Thousands of fans were interested when word of Tate's arrest first surfaced online. Ross, Andrew's close assistant, was most interested in it and made a few comments about it. But as Hasan entered to taunt him, somehow his comments turned into the foundation of yet another incident.

Ross’ statements sparked a debate when he said, “This is why exactly why we need Trump back in the office so he can pardon them this is why not his history is important not history its history was not important it’s what politics are important we need certain people in the office we’ll make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen.”


Hasan trolled Ross on stream after hearing what he had said. He said, “Dude I’m so glad I watched this video. This is why I wanted him on my stream.”

Hasan was clearly making fun of Adin because his reply made no sense in light of the circumstances.


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 Adin Ross and HasanAbi: Top 5 fights and history of feud between pro streamers