Adin Ross: Who is the TikTok star dating? Here's all you need to know about his girlfriends

Adin Ross: Who is the TikTok star dating? Here's all you need to know about his girlfriends
Adin Ross' rumored ex-girlfriends (@realskybri, @corinnakopf, @pamibaby/Instagram)

Adin Ross has been linked with quite a few women in the past, which has made people wonder if he is dating any of them. He is a content creator and streamer who has millions of followers across numerous platforms, and a successful career in online entertainment.


Ross started streaming online in 2014, and his following on social media grew rapidly. Currently, the streamer has 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 7.25 million followers on Twitch. Since rising to fame, the entertainer has reportedly been involved in several relationships. Fans are frequently interested in his connections, despite the fact that he, as well as his friends, has been involved in some infamous controversies.


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Who is Adin Ross dating?

The streamer appears to be single right now. However, rumors connect him to Sky Bri, a model and content creator who has been seen in many of his streams. Sky Bri is one of the female celebrities who are participating in Ross's new e-dating session on his channel, the VIBELY reported. It is to be noted that he has not responded to the rumors.



Prior to Sky Bri's rumored relationship with the streamer, Ross was dating Pamela "Pamibaby" Garryoffy. Apart from Pamibaby, he has been linked to many other women in the past, and all his relationships have been listed below.


Streamer's past relationships

Being a well-known figure, Ross's love life has always captured the interest of his followers. The YouTuber has acknowledged a few women he had dated in the past.

1. Stacey Gould

Stacey Gould is Ross's first girlfriend. The two allegedly connected via an app while the content creator was just starting his streaming career. Their relationship started to have problems when Ross's online career started picking up and he began dedicating more time to it. They eventually broke up because Ross, according to rumors, chose his career over the relationship.


2. Corinna Kopf

American model, social media influencer, and avid online gamer Corinna Kopf is widely recognized on the internet. She apparently started dating the entertainer from Florida in late 2020 when she started frequently participating in his Twitch live shows. After the content creators kissed during one of their live streams in 2021 and even went on a Valentine's date, their fans came to know that the two were dating.

Ross denied insisting that he had ever been romantically involved with her, despite there being rumors that the two had dated. Kopf, on the other side, claimed that the two are no longer close and have stopped communicating since Ross wanted a more serious relationship, which she refused.


Corinna Kopf (corinnakopf/ Instagram)
Corinna Kopf (@corinnakopf/ Instagram)


3. Pamela Gheriafi

Pamela Gheriafi, popularly known as Pamibaby, is a well-known content creator on social media who is popular on TikTok and Instagram. It is commonly accepted that Adin's approximately two-year relationship with Ross, which was made public in April 2021, was an intense one.


However, a number of controversies, including rumors that they were about to split up, ruined their relationship.


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 Adin Ross: Who is the TikTok star dating? Here's all you need to know about his girlfriends