‘Adidas Respect Jisoo’ trends after Blackpink star's teaser screentime cut

‘Adidas Respect Jisoo’ trends after Blackpink star's teaser screentime cut
Jisoo is left out of Adidas' new campaign (@sooyaaa__/Instagram)

It has been proven time and again that K-pop ambassadors do really well thanks to their international influence and loyal fanbase. This is why more brands are tapping in K-pop idols as their ambassadors. And Blackpink happens to have partnered up with several, such as Samsung, Louis Vuitton and Dior. They also endorse several sports brands like Adidas. But fans are not happy with the way Jisoo’s partnership is being managed.

Blackpink first appeared in Adidas Original’s global campaign ‘Change Is A Team Sport’ in 2020. They again headlined the ‘Watch Us Move’ campaign in March 2021 as they donned the brand’s latest collection 'Raise Your Voice' that Adidas launched with the campaign. And on August 12, Adidas introduced 'Members Week' which includes a lineup of star ambassadors like Beyonce and Blackpink, new collections, special offers and rewards. 


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Adidas reduces Jisoo's screentime in new teaser

Beyonce’s week began on August 23 and Blackpink’s week was teased on a Chinese platform. The ten-second teaser gave us a glimpse of all four members together before moving on to show three members individually except Jisoo. Fans had also noticed that on Adidas’ Chinese website, the header image had a group photo with Jisoo cropped out. Meanwhile, another image had a group photo of all four members but individual shots of everyone except Jisoo.


One Blink also went to an Adidas store where they saw blown up posters of the group together and individual posters of Rosé, Jennie and Lisa. Angry fans have been trending ‘Adidas Respect Jisoo’ since two hours and it even ranked #3 on worldwide trends and entered other Twitter trends. They’ve been trying to get Adidas’ attention at this mismanagement and disrespect and are hoping that the sportswear apologizes and recognizes Jisoo’s worth.

It should be noted that Jisoo has successfully partnered up with several luxury brands like Dior as brand ambassador and has been compared with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo for their influence and brand power. Fans brought these back to ask then why Adidas was not giving Jisoo her due.

'Adidas Respect Jisoo'

Fans tweeted posts like, “After all the exposure she gave u, this is how u treat her ?? This is not the first time that adidas pulling this petty behavior too,” “Adidas have always had this one sided beef with jisoo when she is the one who promotes them the most,” and, “BLACKPINK literally has only 4 members!! Do you even know how to count???? We have been calling out for years!” Another added, “The same story over and over is getting annoying and we can't take it anymore.”





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