'About My Father' trailer: Robert De Niro's hilarious chemistry with Sebastian Maniscalco excites fans

'About My Father' trailer: Robert De Niro's hilarious chemistry with Sebastian Maniscalco excites fans
Robert De Niro in a still from 'About my Father' trailer (Lionsgate)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Everyone is at least a little bit embarrassed by their own interpersonal dynamics in families. In the upcoming comedy 'About My Father', Sebastian Maniscalco unquestionably embodies this. The film, which was directed by Laura Terruso, looks at two families from very different backgrounds that come together over the Fourth of July holiday.


The star-studded comedy 'About My Father' was first teased in 2018, and after several years of production, it is almost ready for release. Finally, Lionsgate has made available the first 'About My Father' official trailer where we see the hilarious chemistry between Maniscalco and Robert De Niro who play an Italian father and son duo.


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What is 'About my Father' about?

In the brand-new comedy 'About My Father', the most popular comedian in the country, Sebastian Maniscalco, teams up with renowned Italian-American and two-time Oscar winner, Robert De Niro (Best Actor, Raging Bull, 1980). The main character of the movie is Sebastian (Maniscalco), who is persuaded by his fiancée (Leslie Bibb) to bring his immigrant father Salvo (De Niro), a hairdresser, to a weekend get-together with her extremely wealthy and quirky family (Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, Brett Dier, David Rasche). Salvo and Sebastian learn that the best part of a family is all about being together as the weekend turns into what can only be characterized as a culture clash.


What's happening in the trailer of 'About My Father'?

The teaser begins with Sebastian (Maniscalco) making the difficult choice to invite his father Salvo (De Niro), an immigrant from Italy to his soon-to-be-in-law's Fourth of July barbecue. Salvo, putting on the guilt as only a parent can, demands that his son include him in the weekend's activities because if he doesn't, he'll be by himself. When it comes to kindness, affection, love, support, and caring, Sebastian's fiance's (Leslie Bibb) family is everything his father isn't, and Salvo fails to understand the benefit of giving his son a hug. In spite of their differences, the two groups will come together to celebrate what unites them as a "family" and what makes them unique.

The movie hits the screens on May 26, 2023. Watch the trailer below : 


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 'About My Father' trailer: Fans hail Robert De Niro's hilarious chemistry with Sebastian Maniscalco