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Robert De Niro tells Stephen Colbert he'd play Andrew Cuomo if there's a pandemic film, calls Trump an 'idiot'

De Niro gushed about the work Cuomo is doing during the pandemic and stated, 'He's doing a great job. He's doing what any great President would do'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Robert De Niro joined late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert on 'The Late Show'. During the May 6 episode, De Niro gave away his workout regimen, expressed his displeasure against POTUS Donald Trump and his administration and also revealed what role he would like to portray if a film was made on the current health crisis. 

Colbert began the interaction with De Niro by asking what keeps him busy while staying inside during these times. "Reading scripts, on the phone, work out, trying to stay alive," replied the actor. Colbert further prodded him about his workout regimen with "Do you lift bro?" to which the actor added that he indeed does so "to keep bone mass strong" and does "cardio in the evening" along with other exercises. 

Later on, Colbert asked De Niro about his choice of role in the movie based on the pandemic. "Don't say (Anthony) Fauci because that's already taken by Brad Pitt," he quipped before De Niro revealed what role he'd consider playing. 

"I can say, (Andrew) Cuomo. He's doing a great job. He's doing what any great President would do," said De Niro while also revealing that he's rooting for Joe Biden and hoping for the best for him in the elections slated later this year.  

Speaking about the current health crisis and the POTUS's approach towards tackling the situation, De Niro stated: "Pandemics have been there in the world before and people have survived them and the situation could have been handled better". He also lashed out at Trump, calling him an "idiot" who ignored multiple warnings. "It's appalling. It's all about him getting re-elected. I have no words for it anymore," he added regarding the President's decision to lift the lockdown. 

He also expressed anger and disappointment towards his administration. "His enablers are not doing anything, not standing up to him. What could be worth it for them to sacrifice their souls to make this deal with the devil? I can say no one has the b***s to stand up against him."

The conversation later shifted to the Tribeca Film Festival which De Niro co-founded in 2003. The festival stands canceled due to obvious reasons and De Niro confirmed that the events will happen in various parts of the country by way of "drive-ins" referring to drive-in theaters. 

Speaking about movies, Colbert asked if he has any "comfort-food movies" he's revisiting in these times. "I just watch the news, I like to get upset," joked De Niro. "What form of abuse are we as Americans experiencing," he exclaimed before stating that he's "concerned" about what is happening and that's the reason the news grabs his attention.