Is Abigail Elphick's mom a Millburn cop? Truth about Victoria's Secret Karen's police link

Abigail Elphick aka 'Victoria's Secret Karen' tried to hit a Black woman and then feigned to cry after realizing she was on camera

                            Is Abigail Elphick's mom a Millburn cop? Truth about Victoria's Secret Karen's police link
Abaigail Elphick in a selfie (Twitter)

Ever since 'Victoria's Secret Karen' went viral for throwing a tantrum the moment she realized her attempted assault on a Black woman was being filmed, a lot of information about her has been circulated on the internet. Starting from the Cedar Grove school denying that the 'Karen' - aka Abigail Elphick from New Jersey ever worked there to information about her potential mother's workplace - social media has left no stone unturned in digging out information about the woman. But not all of this information is correct, as it's now coming to light that the police officer alleged to be Elphick's mother is a totally unrelated woman.

Elphick's viral fame soon turned into infamy as people accused her of white fragility for pretending to have a full-blown tantrum inside a New Jersey's mall's Victoria's Secret outlet. But people's anger is not just targeted at Elphick, as many are also accusing Millburn Police - who responded to the scene - of racism and misogyny for not coming to the aide of Ijeoma Ukenta - the woman recording the video, whom Elphick was seen trying to hit before she threw her tantrum, claiming it was a mental breakdown. Since the incident, it's also been revealed that Elphick admitted she threw a tantrum because she was scared of losing her job, but social media has been relentless in slamming her.


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Abigail Elphick (Twitter)

Amidst all of this, Twitter users also started alleging that Elphick is related to a veteran cop in the Millburn Police Department, who goes by the name of Kim Elphick. The theory originated with their common last names and soon went viral on the social media platform. Once people bought this information, the lieutenant in question has to create a Twitter account to clarify she was not connected in any way to the 'Get away from me Karen' at Short Hills Mall, New Jersey.

"Incorrect. This is me and I do not have children. I also have no idea who Abigail is,” Kim Elphick wrote debunking one such claim on Twitter where she was mentioned as the mother of the woman who had become a villain in the eyes of social media after the video of her tantrum went viral. Kim added: “Also, this incident occurred in the Short Hills Mall which is covered by Millburn Police Department. Secaucus has no relevance to this case whatsoever besides a last name.” 


She further explained: "Because I’m the officer that everyone is saying that is my daughter. I don’t have children and have no idea who Abigail is. Coincidentally just have the same name. I got personal messages about what was being posted. I created this account to address it. It spread too quickly for me to get ahead of it to address. Feel free to call the agency tomorrow and I’ll be more than happy to verify my identity.”


While this was more of a fail on Twitter conspiracy theorists' part, Elphick herself seemed to have some discrepancy involved in sharing information about her online as she is definitely not a teacher's aide under the Cedar Grove School District. Although she has ties to Cedar Grove and Newark, New Jersey, the school's website has denied Elphick is an employee there, writing on its homepage: “The individual involved at the Mall at Short Hills that took place on July 11, 2021 is not and has never been employed by the Cedar Grove Board of Education.”