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A.C.E Byeongkwan to enlist in April, second idol to be selected as KATUSA soldier

After Day6’s Young K, A.C.E’s Byeongkwan is the 2nd K-pop idol to enlist as a KATUSA soldier, who are drafted to serve in US Army bases in South Korea
Byeongkwan becomes the fourth A.C.E member to announce his military enlistment, member to enlist in April 2022 as a KATUSA Soldier (@official_a.c.e7/Instagram)
Byeongkwan becomes the fourth A.C.E member to announce his military enlistment, member to enlist in April 2022 as a KATUSA Soldier (@official_a.c.e7/Instagram)

The enlistment era of the boy band A.C.E has left fans struggling with members Wow, Donghun, and Jun already in the military. Now, another member of the quintet has announced his temporary hiatus from the group to enlist — none other than A.C.E’s main dancer and main rapper Kim Byeong-kwan (Byeongkwan). On February 18, Beat Interactive, the label that manages A.C.E announced that Byeongkwan will enlist in April 2022. What is more he has been selected as a 'Korean Augmentation to the United States Army' (KATUSA) soldier.

Byeongkwan as a KATUSA soldier will be part of the elite group of  Korean drafted personnel who are given posts in the Eighth United States Army (EUSA) as part of the two nations' joint defense against North Korea. After Day6’s Young K, A.C.E’s Byeongkwan is the second K-pop idol to enlist as a KATUSA soldier.


Day6's Young K releases first solo album ‘Eternal’ days before military enlistment

A.C.E drop last OT5 MV for album ‘Changer: Dear Eris’ before military enlistment


 With three out of the five members of A.C.E recently enlisting in the military, the K-pop group is going through a long period of inactivity. Member Wow became the first member of the group to enlist in August of 2021 as a public service worker. Member Donghun also followed Wow’s lead and enlisted in September of 2021 as a public service worker. Jun, the leader of A.C.E enlisted as an active-duty soldier on February 7 with Byeongkwan announcing his enlistment days after the leader's enlistment.


Byeongkwan's life as KATUSA soldier

Byeongkwan is the first member of A.C.E to enlist as a KATUSA soldier. But Choices (Ace fans) need not worry as it has been reported that KATUSA soldiers, unlike other conscripts, live either in pairs or alone at their military base. This practice, according to many soldiers, helps conscripts avoid abuse like bullying and hazing. Such crimes often take place inside barracks where most Army conscripts live in groups of at least five or six. 


A.C.E Byeongkwan enlists in April 2022

Beat Interactive announced that the exact place and time of A.C.E Byeongkwan’s enlistment are not being disclosed keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic so that fans don't crowd to bid him goodbye. However, the label has announced that Byeongkwan will enlist on April 11. He will serve the regular term period of 1 year and six months in the military. The tentative time of his return will be in the early months of 2024.

Following Byeongkwan who is enlisting at the age of 27, the A.C.E maknae Chan, who is 26 years old, may enlist sooner than expected to facilitate a full group comeback at an earlier date rather than stretch out A.C.E's military era.


Fans will miss Byeongkwan 'like crazy'

Choices started praising Byeongkwan for bagging the opportunity of become a KATUSA soldier. One fan said, "As cliché as it sounds, I want to say that I am very proud of you. In addition to your beauty, talent, charisma, are a human being that overflows with passion for what you do. Everything about you is passionately incredible! Love you." Another fan said, "So very proud of him, and yet I’m going to miss Byeongkwan like crazy."

Another fan added, "I'm really so so proud of Byeongkwan. @official_ACE7 admin Byeongkwan." One fan said, "First young k and now byeongkwan 😩🤍 so proud of my boys!!!" One more fan said, "Yo but I am sO proud of BK for entering the katusa. like I know a.c.e are ace's in the kpop industry, but the army??"