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'90 Day Fiance' Season 9: Fans question the truth behind Tiffany's black eye, say "you're not fooling us"

While Patrick and Thais tried to work through their issues, fans were more concerned about what happened to Patrick's sister, Tiffany
Tiffany on '90 Day Fiance' Season 9 (TLC)
Tiffany on '90 Day Fiance' Season 9 (TLC)

With the wedding dates fast approaching, all the couples on '90 Day Fiance' seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their relationships. For Patrick and Thais, the pair seem to be struggling with what their future holds. With Thais's father asking her to come back home to Brazil, it seems as though she's now in two minds herself.

With Patrick admitting that Thais is a 'flight risk', he had her meet his mother Paula and older sister Tiffany, seeing that they were just days away from the wedding. Patrick explained that while he and his mother had a previously strained relationship, they worked through their issues and were in a better place. Moreover, Paula had been diagnosed with cancer, and seeing that the doctors said she just had a year, he wanted nothing more than for Thais to meet her.

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Before getting into Patrick and Thais's situation, the producers asked Tiffany about the very evident black eye. Tiffany chalked it up to a bad fall on ice and that seemed to be the end of the matter. However, fans were less than convinced about her excuse and were convinced that she was lying about what happened. 

"TLC must be paying relatives a lot if they are willing to go on TV looking like this! #90DayFiance" said a fan. "Patrick’s Sister trying to tell us that nasty shiner didn’t come from thrown fists. #90DayFiance" added another. "So we're just going to continue on to the next couple like if Patrick's sister doesn't have a really bad black eye  #90DayFiance" said a fan. "Thank God the producers asked Patricks sister wtf happened to her face  #90dayfiance" added a fan. "This didn't happen by a fall. Your not fooling us. If your willing to go on tv and lie about your situation you really need some help. #90DayFiance" said another. 






Nonetheless, the episode moved on, as Tiffany took Thais dress shopping. She asked Thais what she liked about her younger brother and while Thais said he had her good heart, she revealed in her confessionals that she was unsure about her future and while she found the perfect gown, she was not sure if she would be walking down the aisle to marry Patrick to begin with. Tiffany too, expressed that her biggest concern was Patrick going through another divorce and that if Thais got pregnant, she'd take the child and go to Brazil.

What do you think? Will Patrick and Thais actually tie the knot? Or will they part ways? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think.

Catch '90 Day Fiancé' Season 9 on Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on TLC. 

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