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'90 Day Fiance' Season 9: Fans say they're 'done' with Jibri, ask TLC not to give him 'camera time'

'Jibri talked shit about all them couples that he don't know, but can't take it when David had something to about him and Miona,' said a fan
UPDATED AUG 22, 2022
Miona and Jibri on '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)
Miona and Jibri on '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)

Couples on '90 Day Fiance' find the 90-day period stressful not just for them, but also for their friends and family. It is not easy for these couples to navigate a whole new life together and more often than not, their loved ones remain skeptical about their relationship right until the end.

Those keeping up with the season know that Jibri and David's friendship goes way back. They performed in a band together and Jibri even dated David's sister, despite them getting into a massive fight which left Jibri in a coma. However, when Miona and Jibri started dating, it seemed to put a strain on their friendship, with Jibri claiming that David was not supportive of them at all.


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Now, at the Tell-All, it looked like David wanted to clear the air, as he asked Jibri why he never opened up about his issues or let his friends get to know Miona better. Jibri had little to say in his defense and after talking in circles, he was quick to storm off stage. Fans were not amused in the slightest, seeing that even though he called others out throughout the Tell-All, he couldn't seem to handle the slightest criticism that came his way.

"Jibri talked shit about all them couples that he don't know, but can't take it when David had something to about him and Miona... #90DayFianceTellAll #90DayFiance #IRTTVC," said a fan. "#90DayFiance Jibri doesn't know how to have a conversation, he told David what he would do and say but didn't even bother to actually have a conversation with David," added another.

"Jibri has so much anger built up in him because of his marriage. His friends and parents are on the outside and they are not supporting him so he is lashing out at everyone. He needs therapy!!#90DayFiance," tweeted a fan. "ONE COMMENT, and he storms off. Jibri's been dishing it out on EVERYONE, NONSTOP, but he can't even take ONE, LITTLE COMMENT. #90dayfiance," wrote another. "Dear @TLC we’re all done with Jibri so please don’t give him anymore camera time like you did with Libby and Andrei #90DayFiance," added a fan. "Jibri is just jealous that Ari and Bini have been on 2 #90DayFiance shows and Bilal and Shaeeda were invited to join the cast of Happily Ever After and he wasn’t invited to anything cuz no one likes him or miona," said another. 







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