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'90 Day Fiance' Season 9: Fans call out Shahida during Tell-All, say 'nobody cares what she thinks'

Shahida had a lot of opinions about Bilal's marriage and fans were having none of it
UPDATED AUG 15, 2022
Shahida on '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)
Shahida on '90 Day Fiance' (TLC)

One thing is for certain - if you thought '90 Day Fiance' Season 9 was chaotic, the Tell-All will certainly take it up a notch. As all the couples sat down to discuss their relationships, things seem to have gotten messy, as everyone's opinion rubbed someone or the other the wrong way.

During this season, Bilal and Shaeeda struggled with communication, all thanks to Bilal's elaborate 'pranks'. Then, there was the added issue of the prenup, Shaeeda wanting a child and Bilal constantly lecturing her. And, to make matters worse, Bilal's ex-wife was quick to meddle in their business too.

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As the cast discussed Shaeeda and Bilal's relationship, Shahida, Bilal's ex joined them. Shaeeda refused to address her the entire time and explained that it was because of the way Shahida came for her during their initial conversation. Shahida argued that she did it from a place of concern for Bilal, seeing that Shaeeda had no assets and hence she brought up the topic of the prenup. Shaeeda maintained her silence the entire time, even when Shahida spoke about how she was upset over Shaeeda's reaction to Bilal's house prank. While Shaeeda decided it was best to keep her silence, fans were not of the same opinion and came for Shahida.

"Why is Bilal’s ex-wife getting this much TV time.. nobody cares what she thinks.!! She over stepped her boundaries and got put in her place.! Next topic please.! #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTellAll" tweeted a fan. "I agree with Shaeeda. There was no reason for Shahida to come in so strong towards Shae. We all saw it Shahida, you don’t have to try and play manipulation mind tricks alla Bilal. #90DayFiance" said a fan. "But the prenup should have had nothing to do with Shahida. Shahida should have never brought the topic to Shaeeda. That was Bilal’s job, solely. #90DayFianceTellAll" noted another. "that girl had no business talking to shaeeda about the prenuptial agreement. and i don’t believe for 5 seconds that bilal didn’t send her to talk to shaeeda. #90DayFiance" said a fan. "Shaeeda would stay in a tent over that house because a tent is more structurally sound. The damn ceiling was caving in. Why didn't you take care of it while you were living there for 2 years, Ex Wife? #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTellAll" tweeted a fan.






What do you think? Was Shaeeda right not to entertain the conversation? Or should she have argued back? Sound off in the comments below. 

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