7-Eleven staffer slammed for capturing White man calling Black woman ‘Lateisha’ and ‘Shaniqua’

7-Eleven staffer slammed for capturing White man calling Black woman ‘Lateisha’ and ‘Shaniqua’
Screenshots of the encounter between the White man and the Black woman (@paskwali/TikTok)

A staff member of a 7-Eleven store has received a lot of flak on the internet as he did nothing while a White man allegedly hurled racial slurs at a Black woman. The worker instead just filmed the whole scene and posted it on TikTok. The video showed the accused and the woman verbally fighting with each other at the cash register.

The date and time of the incident are not confirmed yet, but the argument reportedly began after the man told the woman to “shut the fuck up” as she was having a loud personal conversation. “You were speaking loudly about shit you don’t know,” the man was heard saying in the TikTok video, posted by @paskwali, which has garnered almost 100,000 views. The woman then confronts him as she asks why he was behaving disrespectfully even while expressing his opinion.


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In the video, the man then went on to ask the woman what’s her name and repeatedly called her “Lateisha” and “Shaniqua”. He also said that he was beneath the woman because of his race, to which the woman responded: “Why? We’re supposed to be equal. You are still a human. You bleed just like I do, so what’s the problem?” The woman also asked him if he identifies himself as a racist, but the man added that he’s a grandfather of a half-Black boy.

Social media users insisted that being a relative to Black people does not nullify someone’s racist behavior. A person said, “‘My grandson is part black.’ That doesn't excuse the behavior. In fact it should be a motivating force driving towards higher understanding/empathy.” Another one said that the man’s response was like, “I’m not racist. My best friend is Black,” and criticizing the worker who filmed it, “I’m sick of these KKKLOWNS! DUDE POSTING VIDEO COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING EARLY.”

A user questioned, “Why is the man at the register even servicing him, let alone allowing him to STILL be in the store.” The second one asked, “The man recording. Why didn’t you intervene?” The worker replied, “in the moment it seemed like two people just having an argument, but in hindsight the man was out of line and I should’ve kick him out. I was wrong.”

The staffer also added, “u guys can slander me all u want, but my purpose 4 posting the video was 2 expose the blatant racism that still goes on even in a diverse city like LA.” But people seemed not convinced of his reasons as a person said, “This was the bare minimum. You have to be purposeful about stopping racism. You had the opportunity to stand up for her and chose not to.” The second one wrote, “But you didn’t say anything to him. So??? Your point you were trying to prove is missed.”

There were some Reddit users who praised the Black woman for handling the situation calmly. A user said, “she handled that SOOOO well. Kept her cool. ‘I’m not above nobody. I’m equal.’” Another one added: “All big and hard to a woman but try it to a real man and watch him out real quick.”


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 7-Eleven staffer slammed for capturing White man calling Black woman ‘Lateisha’ and ‘Shaniqua’