2022 Korea First Brand Awards: Winners include aespa, TXT and Seventeen’s Seungkwan

2022 Korea First Brand Awards: Winners include aespa, TXT and Seventeen’s Seungkwan
Winners include Jeon Somi, Seventeen's Seungkwan, ONF and aespa (@somi_official_, @pledis_17, @WM_ONOFF, @aespa_official/Twitter)

Brand rankings are given much importance in South Korea as they determine the influence and purchasing power of celebrities like K-pop idols, actors and personalities. It allows the public and brands to decipher how popular an artist is and their fandom’s loyalty. From direct and indirect sponsored products to commercials, brand rankings help brands decide which celebrities to look out for. And to show their appreciation to celebrities and their fans, we now have the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards.

Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute compiles and analyzes data of K-pop groups, idols, actors and entertainers every month and releases a list of brand reputation rankings. The criteria that they look at include consumer behavior, participation index and media index which includes social media mentions. Well, based on these rankings, the Korea Consumer Forum has decided to award South Korean celebrities like Seventeen’s Seungkwan, monster rookie group aespa, actor Gong Myung and entertainer Lee Eun-ji. The winners are popular celebrities that are said to lead the consumer trends of 2022.

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Winners include Oh My Girl, Kang Daniel, CL and TXT (@kcforum/Twitter)

Winners of 2022 Korea First Brand Awards

The Forum asked the general public to vote for their top favorite brands and celebrity ambassadors and personalities in the first week of November 2021. Established K-drama actor Gong Myung whose brother happens to be NCT’s Doyoung is the only celebrity to win two awards at the 2022 Korea First Brand Awards. Meanwhile, Seventeen fans celebrated Seungkwan getting his first solo Daesang (Grand Prize).

Best Male Idol - ONF
Best Female Idol - Oh My Girl
Best Male Solo Artist - Kang Daniel
Best Female Solo Artist - Jeon Somi
Best Hip-Hop Artist - CL
Best Male Idol Entertainer - Seventeen’s Seungkwan
Best Female Idol Entertainer - Lee Mijoo (former Lovelyz member)
Best Male Multi-Entertainer - Gong Myung ('Extreme Job')
Best Female Multi-Entertainer - Jeon So-min ('Running Man')
Best Actor - Jo Jung-suk ('Hospital Playlist')
Best Actress - Jeon Mi-do ('Hospital Playlist')
Best Female Vocalist - Lee Hi
Best Male Vocalist - Lee Seung-yoon
Best Rookie Male Idol - Mirae
Best Rookie Female Idol - Lightsum
Best Rookie Actress - HoYeon Jung (‘Squid Game’)
Best Rookie Actor - Chae Jong-hyup ('Nevertheless')
Best Idol Actor - Park Jihoon (former Wanna One member)
Best Idol Actress - DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon ('The King's Affection')
Best Rising Star Actor - Gong Myung
Best Rising Star Actress - Ahn Eun-jin ('Hospital Playlist')
Best Rising Star Female Idol - aespa
Best Rising Star Male Idol - TXT
Best Radio DJ - Red Velvet's Wendy
Crossover Group - Forestella
Sports Division - Han Yumi (professional volleyball player)
Kaesong Musicians - Norazo
Best Trot Singer - Lim Young-woong
Best Variety Male Entertainer - Lee Yong-jin
Best Variety Female Entertainer - Lee Eun-ji


Winners also include Gong Myung, DIA's Chaeyeon, HoYeon Jung and Jo Jung-suk (@0myoung_0526/Instagram, @kcforum/Twitter)


The Korea Consumer Forum had previously hosted the Brand of the Year Awards in August 2021 in partnership with the Korean Consumer Brand Committee. We had K-pop winners like Astro’s Eunwoo, ONF, TXT, BTS, Brave Girls and aespa. Other winners included actors like Song Joong-ki, Lee Do-hyun and Hyeri.


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