'1883' Episode 8 Review: Resilience and love take charge in emotion-fueled episode

'1883' Episode 8 Review: Resilience and love take charge in emotion-fueled episode
Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton, Audie Rick as John Dutton Sr in '1883' (Paramount+)

Spoilers for '1883' Episode 8 'The Weep of Surrender

Another Sunday and the compelling western drama '1883' returns with a new episode on Paramount+ with the troop ready to continue their journey. The previous episode showcased two new threats as nature and bandits almost cost many their lives with the journey getting more perilous each day.

The group has paid some Comanche riders to guide them through their land which has proven a godsend as one of the natives Sam saved the lives of Elsa as well as James. The young girl also develops a relationship with him, marking a new love interest for her. So read on to know what happened next and our thoughts on the eighth episode of '1883'.


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The eighth episode of the series saw the longest stop the gang has taken on their journey with them halting for three days after being attacked and surviving a tornado. But they've suffered major damage which leaves Shea (Sam Elliott) questioning what would be the best decision to ensure the survival of the immigrants. Initially considering taking them to Denver he later places his trust in James (Tim McGraw) and decided to continue towards Oregon. Meanwhile, Elsa (Isabel May) has fallen in love deeper than before which sees her make a huge commitment.

Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan in '1883' (Paramount +)

Isabel May is glorious in the episode as we see her drink in the wilderness more than ever. She effortlessly portrays the free spirit Elsa is, biting into a buffalo's heart and learning to hunt with Sam (Martin Sensmeier) with the skill of a warrior. The episode focuses on the different kinds of love and their strength. Elsa's love for Sam sees her marry him with her being an adult. The episode also showcases parental love and responsibilities with James and Margaret (Faith Hill) worried about their child and her future. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill give a heartfelt performance with their characters sharing an emotional heart to heart. We also see the immigrants have to toughen up and learn to ride horses as the majority of the wagons were lost which made for scenes that beautifully captured the resilience to survive with the hopes of a better future.

Isabel May as Elsa Dutton in '1883' (Paramount+)

Filled with the gorgeous wilderness and stunning shots of wild stallions, '1883' once again delivered a visual treat. Revolving around various emotions felt by characters in the rough ever-changing circumstances the eighth episode captures the strength and hope of each one very well. Elsa grows wilder by the day which paired with tender loving by Sam makes us realize the freedom she finally felt. Ending on a sorrowful note of adieu, Elsa makes a promise of returning to Sam as the troop begins the next leg of the journey.

'1883' comes out with new episodes on Sundays on Paramount+.

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