'1883' Episode 4: Shea gives the clan tough love amid growing strife

'1883' Episode 4: Shea gives the clan tough love amid growing strife
Sam Eliott as Shea Brennan in '1883' (Paramount+)

Spoilers for '1883' episode 4 'The Crossing'

The prequel to the famed 'Yellowstone' series is streaming and those who have been curious about how the show would play out can watch '1883' on Paramount+. The prequel is also the brainchild of Taylor Sheridan and will be a historical walkthrough of the Dutton family.

'1883' will follow James Dutton (Tim McGraw) and his family as they cross the Great Plains from Texas to Montana in hopes of a better life. Joining him will be Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) and Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) who are in charge of taking a band of European immigrants across the land stretch as well. Episode 3 saw tensions arise between Shea and James as the two dominant men had different opinions. Dotted with death and danger, here's what happened in the fourth episode,


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So far into the series, it has been established that the immigrants are unseasoned and unprepared travelers which makes the journey even more of a task. There has already been tensions in the group and the latest episode furthered it even more. The whole group arrives at a river but crossing it poses a big problem as the water is quite deep. Add to it the fact that none of the immigrants can swim and you've got an even bigger problem. The third episode sees James cross the river along with Margaret (Faith Hill) in the middle of the night when the water level is low to check just how deep it it and in which parts by using a old and light wagon. They successfully cross and in the morning inform Shea just how risky it is and that the heavier wagons will most definitely be bogged down. The other man is also pissed that James crossed by himself in the night as it was decided they'd do it in the afternoon. But James had thought ahead and this was to help the others cross from the opposite side.

Tasked with the job of getting them across, Shea along with Thomas throws off heavy stuff from the wagons. Giving them to it straight he tells them if any of it is not absolutely necessary, then it doesn't make the trip. The travelers are angry and distraught arguing that by the time they reach Oregon they'll have to beg on the streets. When Shea spots a wagon filled with heavy instruments he gets angrier and tells the owner to toss it out. Josef (Marc Rissman) tells him that the man is a musician and that its his livelihood to which Shea retorts, "No, he's not a musician and you're not a carpenter or a fu***** blacksmith, you're pioneers! That's all you are till you get there. You have no home, no job, no farm, you have the journey, that's it." Threatening to burn down the wagon, he reminds him of what he said at Fortworth and says he needs it gone. 

As the man sobs into Josef's arms, Thomas said they'll hate him for it, to which Shea replies, "They'll still be alive to do it". Even though Shea was brutal with his actions it was for their survival itself, giving him no pleasure in doing so.

'1883' comes out with new episodes on Sundays on Paramount+. '1883' is now available to stream on Paramount+. The first two episodes of the series will also be broadcast on the Paramount Network channel following the airing of 'Yellowstone'.

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