Teen armed with gun and ‘homemade bomb’ shoots and stabs disabled girl to death as students flee school

Teen armed with gun and ‘homemade bomb’ shoots and stabs disabled girl to death as students flee school
Geane da Silva de Brito was shot dead at her school by a 14-year-old boy who showed up to school with an array of weapons (Câmara de Vereadores de Barreiras/Facebook and Screenshot/Jornal Digital Esmeraldas/YouTube)

BAHIA, BRAZIL: An armed youngster fatally shot and stabbed a disabled girl, Geane da Silva de Brito who was in a wheelchair as he entered his school and caused a bloodbath during the daytime in Brazil.


According to Brazilian police, a 14-year-old boy jumped the fence while carrying a pistol, two big knives, and a "homemade bomb." Students are seen hurriedly attempting to evacuate the Municipal College Eurides Sant'Anna in Barreiras in dramatic video footage. Geane da Silva de Brito, a 19-year-old student, was shot and stabbed which resulted in her death during the incident. In a statement that called the occurrence an "unimaginable tragedy," city hall said that the suspect was shot as he attempted to escape the area. According to the statement reported by Correio, a guy wearing all black, a hood, and sunglasses jumped over the wall and entered the school at around 7.20 am on September 27.


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As per the reports, the culprit went up to the student who was standing close to the canteen and shot her twice before stabbing her. The 14-year-old youngster rushed the school with a 38-caliber handgun, two knives, and what looks to be a homemade bomb, according to Civil Police Delegate Rivaldo Luz. When he attempted to run, according to the police, he was shot. Soon afterward, the emergency services took him to the hospital.


Narrating the incident from his point of view, one of the pupils told G1 about the terrifying moments the shooter's onslaught on the school caused him to experience. "The boy entered the school dressed in black, shot the door, inside [the school] he fired another shot. The boys [students] ran to the court, but the instructor ordered them to leave and go to the back of the school, then everyone got around and managed to get out of the school". The source also confirmed that while the suspect was enrolled at the institution, he never showed up for class.

An inquiry into the incident has been opened by the police. The suspect's father, a police officer, was summoned to the police station to testify. He said that his pistol was stashed somewhere in the home and that he thought his kid knew exactly where it was. José Ferreira, the victim's distraught father, told the local media that he would have "put himself in front of the bullet to save his daughter's life."

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