Netflix '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible': 5 things to know about documentary

Netflix '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible': 5 things to know about documentary
Official poster of '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible' (Netflix)

Mountaineering is slowly turning out to become one of the most famous adventure sports in the world and people from around the world are taking it up to the summit of the world’s highest mountain peaks. Although it is regarded as one of the most dangerous adventure sports, there have been many stories that inspire us to follow the footsteps of those icons and one such story is of Nirmal “Nimsdai” Puraj, a mountaineer from Nepal who has climbed some of the biggest mountains in the world.

The inspiring story of the Nepalese climber will be told in a documentary titled ‘14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible’ on Netflix. The documentary will primarily focus on Puraj’s attempt to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter mountains in just seven months. By attempting that feat, he is trying to break the previous record of seven years.



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The documentary seems to be a worthy addition in its catalog that already consists ‘Athlete A’ and ‘Rising Pheonix’.

Here’s everything we know about ‘14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible’.


A still from '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible' (Netflix)


When does ‘14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible’ release and where can you watch it

The inspiring documentary film will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Monday, November 29. According to the Netflix press site, the documentary will be available for streaming at 3:01 am EST. You can watch the documentary by downloading Netflix from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


What are ‘14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible’ all about?

The official synopsis reads, “‘14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’ explores Nepal’s deep connection to high-altitude mountaineering through the eyes of Nirmal “Nimsdai” Purja, a fearless, fun-loving Nepali climber on a quest he dubs “Project Possible”—to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter mountains in just seven months, breaking the previous record of seven years. With a team of skilled Sherpas, he traverses Mount Everest, K2, and other iconic peaks through extreme weather, life-or-death decisions, and the emotional weight of his mother’s illness back home. ‘14 Peaks’ is a thrilling, action-packed story about courage, perseverance, and pushing the limits of human endurance.”


Who stars in the upcoming documentary?

The upcoming documentary will star Nirmal himself telling the inspiring story of his endeavors. It will also feature some of the people who supported him throughout.

Nirmal "Nimsdai" Purja in '14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible' (Netflix)




The upcoming documentary film is written and directed by Torquil Jones. He is known for directing documentary films such as ‘The American Short’, ‘Bobby Robson: More than a Manager’ and ‘The Journey’.  Executive produced by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.


The trailer gives us an idea that it is going to be an inspiring journey. It is filled with breath-taking visuals and dangerous situations that make Nirmal’s journey problematic. However, he claims that he has no fear and will continue to do what he wants to. You can watch the trailer here.


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