Mandy Moore reaches Mt Everest base camp amid one of the deadliest climbing seasons

Mandy Moore reaches Mt Everest base camp amid one of the deadliest climbing seasons

Actress and singer-songwriter Mandy Moore recently announced that she would be setting off on a journey to the Mount Everest base camp.

A week later, the actress proudly announced that she was successful in her trek to the camp.

The 'This is Us' actress took to Instagram to share the experience with her 3.6 million followers.

"There is so much magic in these mountains. They represent an adventure in the grandest form and in a language all their own," she captioned the picture which showed Moore jumping with joy along with Eddie Bauer, alpine guide Melissa Arnot, and friends Ashley Streicher and Chase Weideman.

Moore acknowledged that the climb was not easy and required a lot of training as unpredictable weather conditions recently led to many deaths in the mountain. 



"Traversing this terrain has its challenges. Breathing at altitude, for instance, is not easy. One of the greatest gifts/lessons that Melissa simultaneously bestowed on us during this trek was the fine art of pressure breathing. It makes all the difference as you climb higher. It’s essentially a big inhale and a sharp, forceful exhale like you’re blowing out a candle across the room, to open up your lungs, allowing you to use more oxygen, etc... Besides hydration and staying nourished, breathing is THE vital key in the fight against altitude sickness. It’s also a major takeaway that I will be employing back to the real world whether I’m in the midst of a tough workout or a weird day. The mind is blown," she further wrote. 

Moore paid respect to all the climbers who have previously completed their climb or lost their lives in a bid to reach Everest.

The actress expressed her joy and pure admiration for others climbers, "It’s impossible to be lucky enough to arrive at the foot of these mammoth peaks and not be attuned to the palpable energy of all of those who came before and lost their lives in these mountains."



"The waves of emotion: respect, reverence and appreciation that washed over us as we took in the prayer flags and yellow domed tents of basecamp AND sat on the rocks that dot the hillside of the Tukla Pass the day before."

In another post, Moore noted how different she felt after completing her climb and that there weren't enough words on her mind which would fully describe the feeling she was feeling at the moment. 

"There’s no way to encapsulate what coursed through our veins and brains living in the mountains this past week. It will come in time," she wrote.

Moore said that being at the base camp taught her more about herself while also understanding who she is as a person.


"I think I’m slowly learning that I feel most like me when I’m outdoors. It’s couldn’t be any more outside my everyday realm and yet there’s something entirely refreshing about being tasked with nothing more than breathing and slowly putting one foot in front of the other," she wrote. 

Her fans were quick to congratulate her on completing the climb. "I am overwhelmed by your strength and fortitude, girl. You’re my idol. It’s one of my LIFE’S HONOR to have achieved this alongside you. Love you!!!" wrote one fan.

"Thank you for sharing your journey. I have also been so lucky enough to experience the joy the mountains bring. Simply seeing your photos and stories have reminded me of my precious mountain memories and given me a happy heart. Nepal will stay in your heart forever," added another.


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