'1000-lb Sisters': Fans slam Tammy for 'never being well' when it comes to family

'1000-lb Sisters': Fans slam Tammy for 'never being well' when it comes to family
Tammy on '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

For Amy Slaton, buying her own home has proved to be the next exciting phase of her life. Since Season 1 of '1000-lb Sisters', having her own family and child was her dream and she certainly seems to have achieved it. And while her family is undoubtedly proud of her, it certainly seems like the support is lacking from certain members.

As renovations on her new home near completion, her siblings have been actively helping her. Chris even gave her a dining table that has been in their family for ages. However, while Misty, Amanda and Chris are doing their bit, it seems as though Tammy is now more disconnected than ever.


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While everyone gathered at Amy's new home, they all sat outside, seeing that Tammy and her mom couldn't enter the house, as there was no wheelchair ramp yet. While the family talked, Tammy began to turn red and stated that she was hurting. It was not easy to watch as Tammy struggled to feel comfortable. Fans, however, were annoyed that Tammy didn't seem supportive of Amy's progress.

"Oh my gosh y'all are the gonna have and INTERVENTION FOR TAMMY! I'm ready yall! #1000lbsisters" tweeted a fan. "Tammy's never "feeling well" whenever it comes to congratulating Amy, but tell her let's go for drinks, and her sickness is automatically cured  #1000lbsisters" added a fan. "It's funny that the only time Tammy seems to not feel good is when she's not getting positive attention. She had no problem dancing while she was drinking and vaping but she can't even go into Amy's new house? smh #1000lbSisters" tweeted another. "Here she goes…." I don't feel good"…….So you felt good enough to go to the liquor store, but you can't step inside of your sister's house? #1000lbSisters" noted a fan. "If Tammy wants to vape, drink, and not take care of herself— let her be. If she doesn't care about her health and well-being, why should I? #1000lbSisters" stated another. "Tammy never "feels good" when it's something with her family but when she drinking, smoking, partying she fine? Cut the shit! #1000lbSisters" tweeted a fan.













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'1000-lb Sisters' airs on Monday at 10/9 c on TLC.

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