'1000-lb Best Friends' star Tina Arnold leaves fans awestruck with stunning new hairdo

'1000-lb Best Friends' star Tina Arnold leaves fans awestruck with stunning new hairdo
TLC star Tina Arnold took to social media to share her hair transformation (Youtube/TLC)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Get ready to be wowed, folks! Tina Arnold, the fabulous star of TLC's hit show '1000-Lb Best Friends,' has been capturing the hearts of viewers all over the world with her incredible weight loss journey. And if you thought her transformation was impressive so far, wait until you see what she's done with her hair! Fans were eagerly awaiting news on Tina's upcoming weight loss surgery, as she had been making incredible progress on the show. However, the big news came that she had gotten approval for the procedure and had even chosen the amazing Ashley Sutton as her surgeon. Just when everyone was on the edge of their seats, Tina had a change of heart and declined the surgery.

Fear not, dear fans, for Tina is not done with her incredible transformation just yet! In a stunning Instagram reveal, Tina showed off her breathtaking new hairdo that has everyone buzzing about how gorgeous she looks. The photos speak for themselves - Tina's transformation is absolutely stunning, and fans can't get enough of it. With each passing day, Tina continues to inspire and amaze us all with her journey towards a healthier and happier life. Keep cheering her on, because the best is yet to come!


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 Tina Arnold debuts blonde hair

Tina, has done it again! TLC's '1000lb Best Friends' has just undergone a jaw-dropping makeover, leaving fans in awe of her stunning new look. Lucky for us, Tina couldn't resist sharing her fabulous transformation on Instagram. With her gorgeous honey blonde hair on full display, Tina snapped a series of selfies to show off her "new look" in its beginning stages. Tina's features are accentuated to perfection with blow-dried locks framing her face, natural-looking makeup and bright red lipstick. In the first picture, she was seen wearing a low-cut scoop neck t-shirt, showing off her sun-kissed skin. In the second snap, Tina steps back from the camera, still beaming with joy as she captures the moment. In the third, she leans forward, resting her head in her hands and giving fans a peek at some cleavage. In Her final selfie, she showed off her piercing gray eyes as she gazes off to the side of the camera, leaving her fans breathless. It's clear that Tina's transformation is not just physical - her confidence and radiance shine through in every photo. 



'Best color I've seen on ya.'

Awestruck fans flooded the comments section with compliments. One wrote, "You've always been pretty but now you look very sexy. You go girl," while another chimed in, "Okay Tina Don't hurt nobody now." Many fans commented on how gorgeous she looked. A person wrote, "Holy crap woman!!! You look GORGEOUS!!!! Lovin the new look!!!" another chimed in, "The color is perfect, don’t go any lighter, you look."


Some even said that the blonde hair suited Tina's personality perfectly and made her look even more confident. A person wrote, "The look is wonderful I bet you feel amazing hope you have a good day when you see this from one chicka to another." Another said, "I love it!! You look much younger." There were plenty of heart and fire emojis to go around, with fans showing their love and support for the TLC star.

Tina Arnold's incredible weight loss journey

The '1000-Lb Best Friends' queen is not one to shy away from sharing her weight loss journey with the world. Even though the show may be over for the season, Tina continues to keep fans in the loop with her updates on Instagram. As the second season of the show airs, fans can't help but marvel at Tina's dedication to her diet and exercise goals, and just when we thought we couldn't be any more impressed, she surprised us all with a new Instagram photo. In the photo, Tina looks almost unrecognizable with her longer hair and much thinner frame. Fans were left in awe, wondering how she managed to shed so much weight so quickly. Some even thought it was a recent picture! However, it turns out that the photo was from 2014 when Tina was just 34. Despite the confusion, fans couldn't help but shower Tina with love and support, congratulating her on her progress and admiring her commitment to her health goals. With her determination and resilience, we have no doubt that she will continue to inspire us all on her journey towards a happier and healthier life.



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 '1000-lb Best Friends' star Tina Arnold reveals new hairdo