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'1000-lb Best Friends': Vannessa faces embarrassment at the waterpark over her weight

After being turned down from getting on a ride, Vannessa walked away in tears, feeling embarrassed over the ordeal
Vannessa Cross on '1000-lb Best Friends' (TLC)
Vannessa Cross on '1000-lb Best Friends' (TLC)

Making significant lifestyle changes requires commitment. Often, not seeing immediate results can be a setback, causing people to fall back into harmful patterns that caused their dire current state in the first place. This is undoubtedly the case for '1000-lb Best Friends' star Vannessa, who depends on junk food for comfort.

While she is now working towards breaking the cycle, it certainly helps that her best friends Meghan, Tina, and Ashely are a part of her journey as they are trying to lose weight.


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While Vannessa has started taking her diet and weight loss seriously, it looks like she might face an early setback that proves to be somewhat discouraging for her. As the girls decide to have a fun day out at a waterpark, they all set out to go on a water slide. Despite the slide having multiple flights of stairs, Vannessa was ready to climb to the top, as she wanted to go on the ride and push herself to be more active.

However, after putting in the effort and reaching the top, she was told that the ride had a weight limit of 350lbs, while she weighed 441lbs. This meant that she was the only one who could not ride down the waterslide. Vannessa was upset that she couldn't enjoy the ride but was also embarrassed that she had to go back down alone.


While her friends supported and encouraged her, saying that they could come back and conquer this together, Vannessa made her descent down, teary-eyed. In the voiceover, she is heard saying, "I feel like a complete failure. Why did I even come today, why did I put myself out here?". Vannessa also noted that the whole ordeal was "the most embarrassing thing in the world", as she came back down alone and cried.

Do you think this setback will affect Vannessa's weight loss journey, seeing that she has only just begun dieting? Or will this prove to be a turning point for her, where she takes both her health and eating habits far more seriously and commits to change? Sound off in the comments below.

Catch Season 1 of '1000-lb Best Friends' on TLC and discovery+ on Mondays at 10 pm ET/PT.