'I killed my child': Father weeps in agony after he accidentally runs over 1-year-old daughter in driveway

'I killed my child': Father weeps in agony after he accidentally runs over 1-year-old daughter in driveway
The one-year-old girl died after being hit by her father's car in her Coupland Road home driveway (Screenshot/DailyMail video)

LEEDS, ENGLAND: A one-year-old girl has reportedly died after being accidentally run over by her father who did not see the child. The devasted father was seen cradling the infant in his arms as he wept in agony and repeatedly kept saying, "I killed my daughter" out of trauma as onlookers watched on the night of Friday, September 16, 2022. 

The incident took place on a driveway in Beeston, Leeds, West Yorkshire. The father held the dying child in his arms as the appalled witnesses overheard him saying, "I killed my child. She just ran out in front of me. I did not see her," as reported by The Sun. The child had suffered life-threatening injuries and police and emergency services who attended the crime scene rushed her to the hospital.


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(DailyMail video screengrab)
The tragic incident unfolded on a driveway in a Coupland Road home (Screenshot/DailyMail video)

West Yorkshire Police received a call to Coupland Road at 8.10 pm on Friday night, informing them a small child has been hit by a car outside a home. The devasted father was seen holding his injured child in his arms as he remained in shock. The one-year-old was rushed to a hospital after she suffered life-threatening injuries from being hit by the car. Shortly, the child was pronounced dead due to her grave injuries. A police spokesperson told The Sun, "Enquiries remain ongoing today by the Major Collision and Enquiry Team and specialist officers are working to support the family at what is clearly a tragic time."

Witnesses of the tragic incident took to social media and revealed the heartbreaking scene. One witness explained the scenario, "I just left a horrific scene on a block of new houses. A woman was wailing. I saw a man holding a lifeless child in his arms. The traumatized father continued to say, 'I killed my child. She ran out in front of me. I didn’t see her.' Everybody surrounded them. When I realized what had happened it just broke my heart. Parents please take care of children. The poor darling."

Tributes continued to pour in for the little infant, with one Leeds resident saying, "R.i.p baby girl thoughts go out two family and friends at this sad time." "Heartbreaking rest in peace little one," another wrote. 

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